Summer Study in Cha-am, Thailand

Webster University in Cha-am, Thailand offers summer courses from the School of Business, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the School of Communications, as well as a number of Global Citizenship Program (GCP) courses (GCP is Webster's general education program).

Summer 2016 Schedule:

  • May 18th-July 10th, 2016

Other important information:

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School of Business

Personal Finance (BUSN 2210)

Business Ethics (BUSN 4300)

Introduction to Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management (MNGT 3700)

Money and Banking (ECON 3200):  Prerequisite:  ECON 2030

Entrepreneurial Marketing (MNGT 3720)

Supervisory Management (MNGT 2400)

Money and Banking (ECON 3200):  Prerequisite:  ECON 2030

Business Spreadsheets (BUSN 1000):  1 credit hour

College of Arts & Sciences

Topics:  The Politics of Street Art (HIST 1010)

Topics in African History (HIST 2050)

Elementary Thai:  Level II (ILC 1100)

School of Communications

History of Film (FLST 2050)

Post-production Video (VIDE 2500):  Prerequisite:  VIDE 1000 or permission of instructor

Special Topics (VIDE 3650)

Photo Workshop (PHOT 4000):   This course has an additional program fee attached, and includes a tour to Nepal or to another city in Thailand (destination to be determined).  Students will visit a photography exhibition both on campus and at an external location and produce a digital published photography book, featuring photos from their cultural tour.

GCP Courses

Elementary Chinese:  Level I (ILC 1090) - (GCP)

Elementary Thai:  Level I (ILC 1100) - (GCP)

Literature into Film (ENGL 2210) - (GCP)

Introduction to Eastern Religions (RELG 2070) - (GCP)

Student Activities

  • Mid May:  Hua Hin City Tour (A free day trip led by RAs for new Summer students to learn about living and getting around in Hua Hin, where student housing is located.)
  • Mid May:  Petchaburi Day Trip (A free day trip led by a professional tour guide to Petchaburi Province. New Summer students will visit tourist attractions and learn about Thai history and culture. )
  • Early June:  Day Trip to Pa-La-U Waterfall (A trip to beautiful waterfall in the National Park nearby. Interested students may purchase tickets to join the trip. Minimum 15 students are required to make this trip possible.)


Sala Housing is located in Huan Hin City which is approximately 25 minutes from the Webster Thailand Cha-am Campus. The campus shuttle buses are provided for transportation to and from housing.  The cost is $1,282 per term for single occupancy, and $719 per term for double occupancy.  The rates include housing and transportation fees, but exclude monthly utility bills (which are to be paid directly to Sala Housing).

Recommended Hotels Near Webster University Cha-am

These hotels are also the housing of Webster students so they are very accessible to transportation and restaurants/food options.  They are located in Hua Hin City, a famous beach destination for both Thai and foreign tourists. There are several attractions such as white-sand beaches, water parks and waterfalls. Popular tourist activities include water sports, golfing and Thai boxing.