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Summer Study in Florence, Italy

Chloe and Ryan in Florence 

Photo Credit to: Webster Student Chloe Costa and Ryan Green

Summer Study in Florence, Italy

This summer, students have two options for studying in Florence, Italy through Kent State University. Both are comprehensive academic and cultural programs allowing students to get acquainted with Florence during their time studying abroad.
The programs are housed in Palazzo Vettori, a prestigious and ancient building located in the heart of Florence. Watch a short film prepared by a KSU student while he was studying abroad in Florence highlighting the Palazzo Vettori.

Florence Summer Institute ­­         May 29-June 29, 2019

Important Dates

  • Webster Application Deadline: February 15
  • Arrival and orientation dates TBA
  • Full Program: May 29-June 29, 2019
  • Friday, June 7: Mandatory Field Trip to Siena, Italy

Students select 2 courses from those offered. All courses are taught in English and meet Monday through Thursday. Course offerings for the 2019 Florence Summer Institute can be found here.

Program Cost
Florence Summer Insitute 

Field Trips
This program includes a mandatory day trip to Siena, Italy on Friday, June 7, 2019.  Additional optional field trips and local excursions/activities are available at an additional cost. Past optional field trips have included Venice and Rome. Past excursions have included an opera performance, a medieval rugby match, museum tours, and more.

Florence International Institute          July 7-August 4, 2019

The Florence International Institute at Kent State University offers participants the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Italian art, history, and culture while in a classroom of students from universities around the world. This innovative institute features internationally recognized, world-renowned experts from many universities.

Important Dates

  • Webster Application Deadline: February 15
  • Arrival and orientation dates: TBA
  • Full Program: July 7-August 4, 2019

Students select 2 courses from those offered. All courses are taught in English. Course offerings for the 2019 Florence International Institute can be found here.

Program Cost
Florence International Institute 

Program Flyer
Florence International Institute

Human Rights and Migration in Italy (HRTS 3200)
Dr. Lindsey Kingston, Webster University

This course uses Italy as a case study to explore how migration and nationality impact human rights protection. First, globalization creates conditions – ease of travel and dramatic economic disparities between states, for example – leading to increased human movement. Italy has recently been transformed by mass economic migration from northern Africa and the Middle East, for instance. Italian policies have drawn heavy criticism – particularly strict security measures that target undocumented migrants. Second, refugee flows bring millions of forcibly displaced people across state boundaries. In Italy, critics argue that asylum-seekers routinely face abuses such as racial discrimination, obstacles to education and employment, and prolonged detention. Third, approximately 13 million people around the world – including Roma populations and others within Italy – lack legal citizenship to any state despite the established “right to a nationality.” Statelessness connects to a variety of further human rights violations, ranging from the denial of public services to the inability to access basic health provisions and police protection. Students in this course will therefore consider issues of human rights and migration in Italy, focusing particular attention on state policies, local non-governmental organization (NGO) advocacy, and the work of Italian researchers.

This course has been pre-approved to count for INTL 4600 International Relations Seminar.

Machiavelli: Politician, Playwright, Philosopher (PHIL 2080/HIST 2020/POLT 2500)
Dr. David Wilson, Webster University

Niccolò Machiavelli was one of the greatest—and most controversial--thinkers and literary figures of the Italian Renaissance. His The Prince remains a scandalous guide to real-world leadership. His Discourses still teach us why government must include the voice of the people. His La Mandragola is no less bawdy, shocking, and brilliant than when it was Italy’s most popular play 500 years ago. This class will explore them all, will learn their cultural and historical background, and will visit the locations around Florence where they were set, written, and debated. This course satisfies requirements in history, philosophy, or political science.

Please note, this course has been given approval by the Webster History, Politics & International Relations Department to count as HIST 2020 Topics in Modern European History and POLT 2500 Interdisciplinary Approach to Politics.

**Important information for both programs**

Students stay in shared apartments throughout the heart of Florence.  Apartments are fully furnished with bed linens, a kitchen, washing machine, tv, and wifi. Students will need to bring their own towels.  Apartments are shared with 2-8 other students on the program, and it is possible to submit a roommate request.

Weather in Florence in June is beautiful! If it’s a typical June, high temperatures will rise from about 79 degrees at the beginning of the month to about 86 degrees at the end. There will be lots of sunshine with an occasional rainy day.

Students applying to this program ­must complete a Kent State University Guest Student Application, which gives students temporary Kent State student status. This is a simple application and there is no fee.

To apply, visit and follow the instructions below:

  1. Click ‘Start a New Application’
  2. On the following screen, click ‘Begin New Application’
  3. Regarding the type of student, first select ‘domestic student’ and then ‘guest’
  4. Select ‘Kent Campus’
  5. Set up your Account Information; select ‘Summer 2019’
    a. Note: The email address you provide here will be used as your Login ID for the Kent State Application System. You will use it when you return to the site to complete your application or check on the status of your submitted application.
    b. You will be assigned a PIN number on the following screen. Write down, put in your phone, or print the screen. This PIN will used with your email address to login to the Kent State application system.
  6. Complete the reminder of the application
    a. A checklist is provided to help you keep tracked of completed sections.
    b. Once you have completed each section of the application, you must click ‘Application is Complete.’ It will not be submitted otherwise. 
  7. Once you have submitted your Kent State Guest Application, notify Jennifer Dickey ( You will be contacted directly by Kent State’s Office of Global Education with your KSU Flashline credentials and instructions to complete the appropriate Florence application.

Start your application!