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Summer Study in Tokyo, Japan

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Summer 2020 Course Options

J.F. Oberlin University’s summer session is a 4-week intensive program in the suburbs of Tokyo. The program consists of three 2-week sessions. During each session, students take one business, language or culture course. Students attend two of the three sessions and earn a total of 6 credits over the course of 4 weeks. Find the Summer 2020 courses below.  


  • Japanese Management Style
    By studying the history and development of Japanese management style, this course provides a broad overview of political, economic, technological, legal and ethical forces that influence international management. Students can learn about cultural dimensions and cultural influences on behavior in organizations, and therefore be able to understand strategic considerations for organizations operating beyond national borders.
  • Asian Business Cases
    South-East Asia, with more than half of the world’s population, the fastest growing market, and an ever-increasing share of the world economy, is an important subject of study. The selected Asian business cases are interdisciplinary and application-oriented, which will help students to critically address contemporary international management issues framed in their historical and geographic ecologies.


  • Japanese Culture
    This course aims first to enable students to learn the basic perspectives and methodologies of Culture Studies in social science, and then apply them to the understanding of contemporary Japanese cultural scenes. Students’ active participation in class discussions and critical thinking is essential.
  • Japanese Society
    This course examines Japanese society, culture, and education from the viewpoints of Japan’s internal ethnic diversity in today’s rapidly globalizing and internationalizing world.


  • Experiential Activities in Japanese
    Drawing upon our vast experience in combining language and culture in multi-level classes, this course provides an opportunity to experience Japanese culture first-hand with Japanese students through activities such as playing traditional musical instruments, calligraphy, cooking, or visiting JFOU club activities all while improving their Japanese language skills.
  • Japanese in Action
    This action-oriented course makes the most of the short-term study abroad environment by focusing on the situations that students encounter while in Japan. Depending on the level of proficiency, students will either learn basic grammatical structures and vocabulary or reinforce and fully utilize previously studied grammar while expanding vocabulary to accomplish more challenging communication goals. Interaction with Japanese students is emphasized.

Courses at J.F. Oberlin University can be evaluated for major/minor core credit and/or GCP credit. Be sure to speak with your Study Abroad Advisor for additional details on the course evaluation process.

Program Brochure

J.F. Oberlin University Summer Session 2020 Brochure

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Japan Summer 2020 

Program Dates

July 1, 2019 Arrival
July 2, 2019 Orientation
July 3, 2019 Session Begins
July 26, 2019 Session Ends
July 27, 2019 Check Out/Depart from Japan


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