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Student Success Portal Flyer - Faculty
Welcome to the Student Success Portal. You are entering a platform that will allow you to better interact with your students, provide resources to your students, and intervene at major points in the lives of your students. This portal will provide you with another means to support your students' success.

Faculty play a vital role in delivering a world-class academic experience for Webster University students. The Student Success Portal allows you to connect students to the support and assistance they need in a timely manner by raising convenient and course-appropriate actions.

Click here to download a Student Success Portal flyer that is both informational and promotional.


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Faculty Features in Starfish

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Starfish Two Minute Tip: How to Create Office Hours

Starfish Two Minute Tip: How to Take Attendance

Starfish Two Minute Tip: Alert and Referral Notifications

Email Notifications for Appointments Tracking

Preparing for a Productive Student Meeting

Updating Your Office Hours

Close the Loop When Clearing a Flag

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