Move-Out Week: Spring 2017

As students begin to wrap up their spring semesters, Webster University Sustainability will be posting blue rolling bins with signage in each of the dorms for students to deposit gently used items and electronic waste. Please no large furniture or appliances at these locations.

Items accepted include clothing, shoes, coats, kitchen items, school supplies and any small electronic devices with a battery or cord. Holiday lights are greatly encouraged! The bins will be available for item drop off from May 8th to May 12th in West Hall, East Hall, Maria Hall, the Clubhouse of the WVA and the north entrance to Marletto's. 

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Green Goals

→ Reduce waste, especially landfill waste by increasing recycling and reuse options
Keep usable items out landfills by offering donation options
Educate students about responsible disposal of items
Raise awareness about waste generation, reuse, and recycling

Ways to Reduce Waste During Move-Out

→ Instead of using cardboard and styrofoam packaging to move items, consider using plastic containers or storage bins that can be reused throughout the year.
→ Wrap fragile items in old newspaper and recycle the newspaper after use.
→ Consider giving your used items to friends or family who need them.
→ Never throw out clothing, shoes, or school supplies. Donate them!

Bin Locations

Greening Move-Out Bin Locations Map