Recycling FAQ's

Who manages recycling at Webster University?
Recycling is managed through the Webster University Facilities Operations Department in part by student workers and rotating student involvement. Waste Management is currently Webster's Recycling Provider.

If an item contains multiple materials (ex. a package with both cardboard and aluminum components) can it be recycled as one piece in regular blue recycling bins?
Yes. It does not need to be disassembled into each material.

Is Styrofoam recyclable at Webster?  No.

Can #6 Plastic be recycled at Webster?  Yes.

Can paper coffee cups and lids be recycled?
Yes, paper cups and lids from campus coffee shops and eateries can be recycled. Please empty out all liquids before recycling and rinse out residue.

Can paper sandwich wrappers be recycled?  Yes.

Can food-contaminated containers be recycled?
Food-contaminated containers like paper coffee cups and plastic to-go boxes can be recycled on campus as long as they are rinsed or cleaned or contain less than 5% food contamination.

Can to-go containers be recycled?
Yes, if they are plastic #1-7 or paper/ cardboard cleaned or with little food contamination.