Computer Lab Software for Fall 2018 - Main Campus, Webster Groves, MO | Webster University

Computer Lab Software for Fall 2018 - Main Campus, Webster Groves, MO

Computer labs are available across the Webster Groves campus to support teaching and learning. The labs are available to current faculty, staff and students. Depending on the location, Windows 10 and/or Mac Yosemite 10.10.5 operating systems (OS) are installed. The computers in these labs also have a base set of software titles that are installed on all computers of that kind. Click here to access the "base" group of software for ALL Windows 10 computer labs and click here to access the "base" group of software titles for ALL Mac Yosemite 10.10.5 computer labs.These computers have additional software titles installed as required, based on the classes that are taught there.

In addition, all computers on campus have other software titles available via CampusConnect (VDI) and the Horizon client. Access to some of these titles may be restricted, based on the courses taught in those rooms.

Click on the room number in the tables below to view the software titles and versions installed in a specific computer lab for Fall 2018.

Windows Computer Labs

EAHL 104 EAHL 210 SVER 104*
EAHL 106 EAHL 212 SVER  116*
EAHL 108 ISB 284 SVER 118*
EAHL 110 ISB 353* SVER 120*
EAHL 204 ISB 419 SVER 202* 
EAHL 206 LHCT 19  SVER 254* 
EAHL 208 LHCT 51* SVER 256* 

Mac Computer Labs

ISB 231 SVER 205
MUSC 106* SVER 258
SVER 119 VAST 4.5*
SVER 121 VAST 9*
SVER 204  WEBH 225*


Emerson Library

 eClassroom and Cyber Café

 * These labs have card swipe locks on the doors and use is restricted based on the classes taught there.