Fall 2018 Windows Software Titles Specific to Webster Hall (WEBH) | Webster University

Webster Hall (WEBH) Windows Software Titles - Fall 2018

The following table displays Windows software titles that are installed on computers in Webster Hall (WEBH) 221 (21 stations) . These software titles are in addition to the software that is installed on ALL Windows computers across the Webster Groves campus. Click here to view that "base" software list. Additionally, computers in the Webster Hall (WEBH) provide more software titles available via CampusConnect (VDI), depending on the courses taught.



Adobe Acrobat DC
Adobe Creative Cloud with Desktop App 2018
Crestron Air Media (Teacher's station only)
Flash Player
Google Chrome 66.0.3359.139
Kurzweil 15.21 
Mendeley 1.17..13 
Microsoft Internet Explorer /Microsoft Edge

11.125.16299.0  /41.16299.402.0

 Mozilla Firefox  57 or 58
 SPSS  25
 SPSS Amos  25
 Vidyo N/A 
 WebEX N/A