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Video Conferencing

Media and Academic Technology Services currently supports two video conferencing programs, WebEx and VIDYO.  Both of these programs are software based and can be downloaded from the internet.

Due to differences in how the programs are used, and how Webster is billed and pays for them, and the different spaces on campus that are best for their use,  there will be differences in how each is administered.

Either program can be made available to those who have a need for their use. Because there are also differences in the capabilities of each program, the best course of action is to contact Media & Academic Technology services as far in advance of your need as practicable, so that your needs can be assessed and a choice made regarding use and choice of program.

To request assistance with a video conference:

1. Place a work order by selecting “S” (for Submit a work order) on the A-Z listing of the Webster website
2. Sign in with your Webster username and password
3. Choose “Technology Request”
4. Select “Event/Meeting Conference Support”
5. Fill out and submit form

For a description of the differences between WebEx and VIDYO, and a description of our video conferencing facilities, please visit our Video Conference Details page.