Office 365 Tuesday Tip October 10, 2017 | Webster University

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Tuesday, October 10:

Did you know that you can open previous documents and upload new documents to your Office 365 OneDrive right from your Office 365 Start Page? Here's how:

1. Sign into your Webster Office 365 account at

2. When your Start Page opens, you will see this:start page

3. Under the Documents section you will see Recent, Pinned, and Shared with Me.

      • Recent: This lists the recent documents you've opened.
        • To re-open a document, click on its name.
      • Pinned: You can choose to "pin" a recently opened document to this area so you will always have quick access to it. T
        • To the right of every document listed in the Recent area, you will see an ellipsis. Click on the ellipsis and a menu will open.
        • Click Pin to this list and you will see a link to this document in the Pinned section for easy access                                                                                .pin
      • Shared: In this section, you will see documents that another user has shared with you. Click on the document to re-open. 

4. Upload Documents to OneDrive: To upload documents from the Start Page to your OneDrive:

      • Click the Upload and Open button on the right side of the Start Page. upload
      • Choose the file you want to upload and click Openupload onedrive
      • You will see a progress window for the upload. upload_progress
      • Once the upload is complete, your document will open and has been saved to your OneDrive.

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