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Office 365 Training

There are lots of helpful and easy-to-use features within Office 365 that will enhance the way you work with access to apps on any device and multiple ways to collaborate.

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Before you can use the courses listed below, you need to set up your free account. All Webster students, staff, and faculty have free subscriptions to, a leading source of on-demand, online training covering hundreds of topics! has many great training videos that will get you up and running on all the great features of Office 365.

If you have not created your Webster account, you'll need to do that first. Here's how:

To sign up for your account:

  1. Go to Connections and sign in.
  2. Under either the Staff or Student tab, scroll down to Computer Based Training Resources
  3. There, you will see and several buttons. To create your account, click the Create Account button.
  4. You will receive an email with instructions from on how to access your account. 
  5. Once you've set up your account at, to take classes, just go to and click Sign In.
  6. Your username is your full Webster email address, and you will use the password you selected in the sign up process.
  7. Once you're signed into, check out the How to Use course to see how it works. 

Check out the self-service training resource links below that will empower you to get the most out of your Office 365 experience:

  General Office 365 Training Training Office 365 for Windows Training Training Office 365 for Mac Training
Microsoft Training Change Office 365 Settings (video)   
Microsoft Training Change Office 365 Settings (article)
Microsoft Training Office 365 Basics Video Training



OneDrive Training Training OneDrive for Office 365 
Microsoft Training OneDrive Video Training 
Microsoft Training OneDrive Quick Start Guide (PDF Download)
Microsoft Training Sharing OneDrive Files and Folders with Others
gorlok Copy Google Drive files to OneDrive
The optional OneDrive Sync client lets you access OneDrive files on your local computer even if you are offline, and syncs up the changes once you are back online.
gorlok Set Up the OneDrive Sync Client for Windows (PDF)                                                                  
gorlok Set Up the OneDrive Sync Client for Windows (video)                                               
gorlok Set Up the OneDrive Sync Client for Mac (PDF)



Office 365 Mobile Apps Training


Microsoft Training Set up Office Apps & Email for Android


Microsoft Training Set Up Office Apps & Email for iOS


Microsoft Training Set Up Office Apps & Email for Windows Phone


Microsoft Training Set Up Email on Other Mobile Devices Training Learning Office for Android Training Learning Office for iOS


Microsoft Training Office Mobile Quick Start Guides 
Microsoft Training Troubleshooting Mobile Devices




Downloading and Installing Office 2016 to Personal (non-Webster) Computers*
*choose Office for Business instructions 
Microsoft Training Download & Install Office 2016 on a PC 


Microsoft Training Download & Install Office 2016 on a Mac



Office 2016 Training for PC & Mac Training Word 2016 for Windows Courses Training Excel 2016 for Windows Courses Training PowerPoint 2016 for Windows Courses Training Access 2016 for Windows Courses Training OneNote 2016 for Windows Courses Training Word 2016 for Mac Courses Training Excel 2016 for Mac Courses Training PowerPoint 2016 for Mac Courses Training OneNote 2016 for Mac



Miscellaneous Office 365 Apps and Features

Office 365 gives users access to many helpful applications beyond the standard Office suite, and Microsoft is adding more all the time. 

Your Office 365 user profile may not contain all of the miscellaneous applications available in Office 365. If there is an application you would like access to, please contact the IT Service Desk. A work order will be created, and you will be contacted about your request. Access may not be approved for all applications because of technical or other considerations.

Training resources from Microsoft for these miscellaneous applications can be easily accessed by clicking the Explore all your apps link under the application tiles in the Office 365 home page. 

explore apps

Clicking Explore all your apps opens a page where, by scrolling down a bit, you'll find an All of your apps section. Many of the apps have a learn more link to the right that takes you to Microsoft training resources for that app. 


Training resources for these miscellaneous apps can also be found at as well as Because new apps are being developed and released frequently, the availability of training resources will vary.