PMO Current Projects

Global WAN Upgrade

The Global WAN project is a five-year partnership with AT&T that involves the installation and support services for a new, robust, secure and integrated global technology infrastructure. The upgraded technology will provide consistent, reliable network services that meet home, extended and global campus bandwidth requirements for speed as well as meet current and future service needs. The Webster WAN connections will be upgraded and centrally managed.

Ellucian Recruiter - Graduate

Ellucian Recruiter (formerly Datatel Recruiter) is a comprehensive contact management, prospect recruiting and application software which streamlines admissions and enrollment management to increase student recruitment and enrollment. Recruiter is a hosted, web-based application used primarily by the Office of Admissions at worldwide locations and it replaces Active Admissions. Close integration with Jenzabar CX allows for data to flow between the two systems for reporting, data management and use by other applications/systems. Recruiter has been successfully delivered for both graduate and undergraduate applications and inquiries and the next phase of the project is being scoped.

Windows 7

The objective of the Windows 7 project is to upgrade approximately 3500 PC's which are currently running Microsoft XP operating system to the Windows 7 operating system. End of Life (EOL) has been announced for XP as of April 2014 at which time Microsoft will no longer provide XP support, including security patches posing a security and support risk for the University. To enable the operating system migration, a Windows 7 readiness assessment has been conducted to identify and resolve Window 7 issues with application, peripherals and PC's prior to initiating the migration. Current equipment inventory, hardware needs, and a software compatibility assessment are now underway and a Windows 7 deployment schedule will be finalized by April.

Concur Travel & Expense

Concur Travel is a booking tool that allows customization to University policies, as well as the ability to upload electronic folios directly to expense reports. The Concur Travel deployment schedule is being finalized for spring 2014.

Ad Astra Meeting Room Scheduling

The objective of the Astra Meeting Room Scheduling project is to automate conference/meeting room scheduling and management. Astra Schedule will streamline meeting room scheduling, reduce staff time spent on scheduling, reduce/eliminate double booking of rooms and enable more efficient space usage. This project is being scoped for spring delivery. Astra Schedule has already been successfully implemented as a classroom scheduling tool and the final phase of implementation will be unified event scheduling.

Jenzabar JX for Institutional Advancement

The objective of the Jenzabar Institutional Advancement project is to implement use of the Jenzabar JX Institutional Advancement module in the Office of Alumni & Development. The project is currently in the scope and assessment phase.

Concourse Syllabus Generator

Concourse is a tool for consistent syllabus construction and delivery. Expansion of the Concourse Syllabus across multiple schools/colleges feasibility assessment is to be completed in the spring. Concourse Syllabus has previously been successfully deployed in the Walker School of Business and Technology.

Concur Invoice Management

Concur Invoice streamlines and simplifies approval and payment processes by automating invoice collection, submission, approval, paying supplier invoices and check requests. Concur Invoice configuration design is currently underway.

Entrinsik Informer

Informer by Entrinsik is a reporting tool that consolidates data from multiple sources into one report or dashboard. Informer will be used to bridge reporting needs across the University and the project is moving into contracting.

Student Attendance Reporting

The process of student absence and attendance reporting, used by faculty and the Registrar, is in the requirements gathering stage for future implementation of a reporting tool.

Vienna/Ghana IT Service

The PMO is in the process of selecting an IT support services provider for the Vienna and Ghana campuses.

Vendor Meetings

The PMO is continuing the process of conducting meetings with University vendors, including sessions with Dell, Apple, IBM and Microsoft in order to align roadmaps and stay abreast of emerging technologies. 

Our global partnership agreement with Adobe continually evolves, and will soon include University-wide access to Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, as well as the Creative Cloud version of our Creative Suite applications.