General Project Management

Making Project Management Work for You - This presentation was given at the Webster Staff Alliance 2014 Professional Development Day. It gives an overview of project management and explains how anyone can use these processes in their personal or professional life. A recording of the presentation can be accessed here.

Thanksgiving Dinner as a Project - This handout accompanied the WSA presentation above. It uses Thanksgiving dinner as an example to explain the project phases of planning, delivery and follow-up. It also includes key project management terms.

Meeting Agenda Example - This handout accompanied the WSA presentation above. It uses Thanksgiving dinner as an example to show how to complete a meeting agenda and meeting minutes. The blank template for meeting agenda and minutes is listed under "Templates" below.


Change Request - The Change Request Form is used to document and gain approval of project changes to time, scope and/or budget. Once approved, the project baseline is updated and reporting is done against the new baseline.


Fit Gap Analysis - A Fit Gap Analysis is used to document gaps and resolutions between business requirements and vendor product capabilities. Gaps resolutions can be identified as requiring additional preexisting product configuration, business process change, or product customization.

Meeting Agenda - The Meeting Agenda template is used by the PMO and is available for use by other campus departments.

Update Memo - The Update Memo template is used for status updates on projects, including issues, risks and recommendations.

Vendor SOW Request - statement of work (SOW) is a formal document that captures and defines the work activities, deliverables, timeline and pricing a vendor must complete to deliver specified work for a client. This document can be used to capture requirements for the University and the vendor to reach an agreement on work scope for pricing. It can also be used as a component of a contract.

Project Workbook - The Project Workbook is designed to consolidate all data about a project for managers. It includes the Project Charter, Technical Specifications, Schedule & Labor, Status, Budget, Risk & Issues, the Communication Plan, Change Management, Roles & Responsibilities, Tasks and the Fit/Gap Analysis.