Email Usage Policy | Webster University

Email Usage Policy

Expectations for use of Connections portal and University provided email accounts for official University communications

Purpose and General Statement

Webster must be able to communicate quickly and efficiently with employees and enrolled students in order to conduct official University business. Email is one available and appropriate medium for such communication, as are the various announcement channels in the Connections portal.

  • The University will send official communications to employees and students by email to an account assigned by the University with the expectation that such emails will be read by the recipient in a timely fashion.
  • In addition, the University may post official announcements and communications in the Connections portal, again with the full expectation that such announcements will be read by recipients in a timely fashion.

Assignment of Connections ID's and University E-mail Accounts

All students and employees are assigned a Connections ID to access to the Connections portal as well as other University systems and services. They are also be assigned an email account in the domain that is designated as their official "Webster email account."

The Webster email account name and Connections ID is generated by the Information Technology department and may not be changed, except in extenuating circumstances or as a result of a legal name change. There will not be any alternate or preferred email accounts. All University communications to employees and students that are sent by email will be sent to the Webster email account.

Expectations and Responsibilities

  • Employees and students are expected to review messages received through their Webster Connections portal announcements as well as through their Webster email account on a frequent and consistent basis.
  • Webster faculty and staff generating official communications to students or other employees should use Connections announcements and/or Webster email accounts for all University-related email communications.
  • Employees and students may access their Webster email accounts using either the Connections portal email application or a desktop email client (e.g., Outlook or Mac Mail). Individuals may also choose to use the web-based program to manage external email accounts.
  • Employees and students are expected to also regularly access the Connections portal to receive and review announcements that have been posted there, whether they retrieve their email from within the portal or from their desktop.

Forwarding of E-mail

Students and Adjunct Faculty may forward their Webster email account to any VALID email address, and are responsible for updating their forwarding email should it change. 

Staff and full-time faculty may NOT forward their email to a non-Webster account. Staff and full-time faculty may forward their Webster email account to an account they have on another Webster email server. For example, someone in Leiden may forward their email account to their account.

Instructional Use of Webster E-mail Accounts

  • Faculty should use the official Webster email account for any email communication with students. They should also clearly explain this expectation to their students and help communicate this requirement to them.
  • Faculty and staff are also encouraged to use additional communication methods available via the University course management tools, such as those available in WorldClassRoom.