LANDesk Hardware & Software Inventory | Webster University

LANDesk Hardware & Software Inventory

Hardware Management

LANDesk is able to discover un-managed equipment that has been connected to the University's network. It also provides hardware information for managed desktop computers to a centralized inventory database. This inventory database is analyzed by IT in order to assist in making hardware purchase decisions across the University and to help make optimal use of the budget resources available.

Software License Management

LANDesk also captures certain software information about known applications and includes it in the inventory database. IT uses this tool to keep track of software licenses for auditing purposes. In addition, the software information that is captured helps IT support labs and offices by ensuring that:

  • The University has sufficient licenses for software in use
  • Problematic software such as spyware or adware is not present
  • Answers to questions and fixes to problems are appropriate to the version of the software package that is in use on a given computer
  • Appropriate updates are installed for specific operating systems and applications