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LANDesk Remote Control

Remote control tools allows IT personnel to remotely access and control a Webster workstation as they work to complete a work order. This is effectively no different from the physical access that IT staff members are granted when responding to a work order at an office computer. Remote control tools improve the efficiency of IT staff and decrease the time it takes to respond to service requests. With the employee's permission, they are able to gain instantaneous access to the machine in need of service, diagnose, and repair the problem. This eliminates time needed to travel from building to building. However, there are times when the need for physical access is unavoidable, such as a hardware failure.

Remote control tools provide a significant benefit to extended site campuses where sending out a technician is, in most cases, too costly or too time-consuming. There is one caveat to the use of remote control at extended sites: that the site must be fully connected into the University wide area network (WAN).

Possible End-User Concerns

Remote control tools logically offer no difference with regard to security and privacy concerns than when a technical staff member is physically present and working on an employee's desktop computer. However, IT is aware of the additional concerns employees may have with a tool that enables remote control access to their desktop computer. Issues of privacy, ownership, and security will always be held in the highest regard.

How IT Addresses and Mitigates these Concerns

Just as when a technician comes to an office to do work onsite, IT staff performing work on an employee's machine fully inform the employee of necessary information such as what will be done, when, or why. This occurs in advance of the work being done. The employee may request that a particular action be performed only in their presence.

Remote control access is only permitted when a work order has been submitted by the employee or their supervisor. IT staff are not permitted to use remote control tools without an authorized work order. Additionally, remote control tools may only be used by IT staff for performing work that is necessary to complete the service request.

All remote control access is logged. These logs are reviewed and monitored regularly by appropriate IT supervisors. Were any inappropriate activity to be identified, it would be addressed through IT department procedures and HR institutional procedures. Employees will be notified in cases where the security of their desktop computer has been compromised.