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LANDesk Software Deployment

Remote installation and upgrade of software packages via LANDesk allows technicians to perform installation of software packages less intrusively and at times which are more convenient for employees. Often, the user is able to continue working during a software installation. Software installations are handled like any in-person software installation and are initiated by a request from the employee, usually in the form of a work order.

Security Updates

LANDesk allows machines to have security updates installed frequently and easily because the security updates can be managed remotely. Advance notice of system-wide patches and fixes also gives employees opportunities to adjust their evening work schedules. This is especially important for those who have tasks running on their machines overnight.

In many cases, security updates are installed without notification to the employee. Furthermore, those updates are performed in an automated fashion, such as when the update is critical or required to fix or prevent a wide-spread virus outbreak problem. IT often notifies employees whose machines are to receive system-wide updates or patches before each update is applied, but they may not be given the option to refuse the update.