LANDesk Zero Tolerance Policy | Webster University

LANDesk Zero Tolerance Policy

IT employees responsible for managing, supporting, or maintaining computer and telecommunications systems and associated data and files may have access to proprietary or confidential/personal information during the normal course of their duties.

All IT employees who use LANDesk are required to read and sign an ethics statement. A copy of this statement is available on the Information Technology web pages in the Technologies Policies section. In addition, IT provides  orientation and training for all new employees about the privacy and security of individuals' information.

IT has an absolute zero tolerance for any security or privacy violations by any IT employee. We repeatedly stress that "just because you can doesn't mean you should...and if you do (no matter how innocuous the reason), you will face disciplinary action, probably even dismissal."

The commitment of IT is to diligently maintain this perspective--and related internal procedures--as any additional forms of access, like LANDesk, are put into production. These new tools hold extraordinary possibilities for significant improvement of support and responsiveness as well as efficiencies for the institution. But security and privacy will never be sacrificed in any way just for the sake of operation efficiencies.