Maximum Email Recipient Policy | Webster University

Maximum Email Recipient Policy

Webster University imposes a cap on the number of recipients an email message may contain. Approved by the Administrative Council and Academic Deans, this policy allows Webster to effectively manage outgoing email and help prevent Webster accounts from being used for spamming purposes.

Outgoing email messages are limited to a maximum of 30 recipients. Messages sent with more than 30 recipients will be rejected by the email server. The sender will then receive an error message or a returned message indicating that the email message was not sent.

Placing a limit on the number of recipients on a single email message is a common practice across other higher education institutions and business alike. It helps prevent spammers from using Webster accounts to flood our system with bogus or fraudulent messages. It also helps regulate email flow through our system, preventing large numbers of email messages from hitting the servers all at once. Such volume can negatively impact email server performance.

If you regularly send email to more than 30 recipients at a time, you may be eligible to use a managed list through our Sympa listserv application.