Wireless Policy for Webster Groves Resident Students | Webster University

Wireless Policy for Webster Groves Resident Students

High speed wireless Internet provided by Webster is available campus wide. Students are expected to review the University's Information Technology polices. Any student found violating any of the IT policies will be sent through the judicial process.

Webster Village Apartments (WVA) & All Residence Halls

Students in the Webster Village Apartments as well as Maria, East and West Halls are prohibited from setting up their own wireless routers or other wireless access points. The possibility of conflict with personal wireless routers or access points and the Webster wireless network will expose the University to considerable security risk and network service disruptions. Discovery of unapproved installations of equipment that conflicts with Webster network services will result in termination of the network connection. In cases of residence hall/students, the offending equipment must be immediately removed from connection to the Webster network. Disciplinary action will result, and sanctions will be determined based on the severity to damage caused, but could include restriction from continued use of the Webster network.