Request for Enterprise Systems Access (ESA) Form Questions

When do I need to submit an Enterprise Systems Access Request form?

An Enterprise Systems Access Request form and a work order (incident report) needs to be filled out when:

  • A new employee has been hired and will need access to CX (CARS), Novell (Webster Groves campus only), a CX (CARS) printer, a university telephone, and/or a long distance code
  • An employee transfers from one campus or department to another, and needs additional or different permissions.
  • An employee leaves or no longer needs access.

If my office moves to a different location on campus and I just need my phone moved (no change in access) do I still need to use this form and process?

No, a physical move of an office has its own procedure, and the coordination of moving phones is part of that procedure.

Why does Webster use this procedure for granting access to enterprise systems?

In order to ensure privacy and confidentiality for Webster employees and our students, the university utilizes specific security procedures regarding how information is handled. The access request forms, and its accompanying procedures, reflect current generally accepted security compliance requirements within Higher Education.

Once my access request form is filled out, where do I send it?

A completed access request form requires the signatures of both the employee and his or her supervisor, as well as the employee's CX (CARS) number and the type(s) of access needed. The only exception is removal of privileges, which requires only the supervisor's signature. A completed form is then attached to a work order (incident report) placed by the supervisor and sent to the IT Service Desk. See Page 1 of the Enterprise Systems Access form for detailed instructions.

How will I, the employee, know that my access to enterprise systems has been granted?

You will receive email messages sent to your Webster University email account from Information Technology, listing your CX (CARS) username and password, your Novell username and password (Webster Groves campus only), and your phone system information. You will be required to change your password the first time you log in to CX (CARS) and Novell.

How long does it take for my access request(s) to be completed?

From the date the completed form is received in Information Technology, it takes approximately 48 hours for your access to various enterprise systems to be generated. If you have not received an email from Information Technology with your access information within 48 hours, please call the IT Service Desk with your work order (incident report) number to check on the status of your request.

Can I, as a supervisor, submit a work order (incident report) and access form before my new employee starts work?

In order for your employee to have the proper access to CX (CARS), Novell, and the phone system on their official first day of work, request that the employee sign the Enterprise Systems Access Request form one to two weeks ahead of time. Human Resources, Academic Affairs, or other authorized administrative department then must enter a work record into CX (CARS) before Information Technology can grant access to enterprise systems. Then, you must enter the employee's CX (CARS) ID number on the access request form. Depending on what access has been requested, an email message(s) containing access information will be sent to the employee's Webster University email account once access has been granted.

What if I am transferring to another department or campus within the University?

Your access permissions will be updated accordingly once Information Technology has received a completed ESA form signed by you and your supervisor.

What happens if I submit a form that is missing the required information and/or signatures?

Information Technology will contact the supervisor who submitted the form and request that a completed form be submitted. IT will hold a work order (incident report) open for 30 days. If, after 30 days, a completed form is not received, the work order (incident report) will be closed and the supervisor will need to begin the process over again.

Where do I find help with questions concerning the Enterprise Systems Access Request Form?

For clarification of ESA form fields, please visit the ESA Form Field Definitions page. Contact the Webster University IT Service Desk with any Information Technology questions.