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Recent Communications

King E-mail Server Issues - July 29, 6:30 p.m.

Information Technology is working to resolve an issue with the king server that began at 12:30 pm July 29. Email delivery service has been restored so that accounts on the server are once again receiving email. However, email messages that were stored in the in-boxes of these accounts before 12:30 pm July 29 are unavailable and will need to be restored. Information Technology is developing a process to request restoration and will communicate the necessary steps to affected account owners as soon as possible. Please continue to check this page for updates.

If you do not know your server name, find it using these instructions.

Webster University Website Performance Issues

Beginning on Wednesday, July 23rd, Webster University's official website experienced degraded performance, resulting in delayed response times and page loading. Content editors were instructed not to make changes in OmniUpdate until the issue was resolved. After performing some emergency maintenance, IT corrected the site performance issue, and on Friday, July 26th, cleared all web content editors to resume updates.



Tips for Keeping Your Email Account Safe

  • Never send your password via email.
  • Never respond to a message that looks suspicious or that you are not positive comes from Webster University, even if it's just to ask if it is legitimate. If you want to know if a message is legitimate, do not respond to the message, forward it to:
  • Read the email carefully. Many phishing attempts are poorly written, containing poor grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Check this website for known phishing scams. If your email looks similar, DO NOT respond.
  • Do not click on a link or open an attachment in an email from an unknown source!  Your account can be hijacked or you can get a virus on your computer by clicking on a link or opening an attachment in an email.  If you are even slightly suspicious of the email, DO NOT click on any links or open any attachments.
  • Be skeptical.  Don't be fooled by personalized messages, web pages or images in an email. They are all easily faked.
  • Know what messages Webster Information Technology has sent out.  Bookmark this page; Information Technology posts all current communications to the Webster community here.  If you are unsure of a message you receive, check this page. If it is not listed, it is probably not legitimate. Forward suspicious emails to: