Creating a Work Order

  1. When the request form is displayed in IT Direct or IT Maintenance, your contact information will be filled in automatically if you've recently logged in.
  2. Choose your location (campus) from the drop-down box. This is a required field.
  3. Building is only required if you are on the Webster Groves main campus. For a building on this campus, please choose your department (ex: School of Education-Webster Hall).
  4. In the Area/Room Number field, type in your Room Number.
  5. Select a Problem Type from the drop-down list (for CARS choose Programming Request).

    Note: If you are entering a maintenance work order in Maintenance Direct, there are icons instead of a drop-down box. Click the icon that corresponds most closely to your problem or request type.

  6. Enter a complete description of your problem, including as many details as possible. For some problem types, a questionnaire will appear; please fill out all of the questions.
  7. (Optional) You may attach a file up to 3MB.
  8. Enter the submittal password, which is password.
  9. Click Submit.

    Request Form

    Request Form Pt. 2