Faculty Academic Services

Faculty Academic Services provides access to student advising, class lists, grade entry, and the Online Course Catalog.

Logging On

  1. Go to connections.webster.edu.
  2. Log on with your Connections username and password.

    Connections Login
  3. Locate the Faculty/Staff Academic Services channel on the Faculty tab.
  4. Click the appropriate link within the channel.
  5. Enter your Connections username and password again for security purposes.


General Guidelines

In each section, always make sure your Current Options Settings are set for the current Program (Undergraduate or Graduate), Session (SU, FA, SP), and Year.To change these settings, click the Set Options button located on the bottom of each page.

Grade Entry Notes

Please follow these general instructions in entering grades for students for your courses:

  1. Log into Faculty Academic Services through Connections.
  2. Click the Grade Entry link located on the left-hand side navigation menu.
  3. You should see a listing of the courses you were assigned to teach for the currently selected academic semester/program. Find the course you wish to enter grades for and click inside the radio button (small circle) to the left of the name of the course.
  4. Click Select Marked Course.
  5. Select Final and then click Continue.
  6. Make your grade entry for each student by clicking on the grade box and selecting the appropriate grade.  If you need to enter a last date of attendance, click on the month, day and year buttons to make your selections.
  7. Select Submit Grades.
  8. Do not leave the screen until you receive the message that the grades were updated.