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Student Academic Services

Student Academic Services is where you access your student schedule, grades, grade report request, academic record, degree audit, financial aid information, registration, GPA projection, statement and online payments, order parking tags, and access the course schedule online. It is accessed by first logging into your Connections Account.

Accessing Student Academic Services

  1. To log in, go to
  2. Enter your Connections user name and password. Click Login.


  3. Click the Student link..

    student link

  4. In the middle of the window that opens, click Access Student Academic Services.

    student services

  5. A log in box will appear. Re-enter your Connections username and password and click Log In.



Current Options Settings

The current Option Settings box must have the right program, session and year selected in order to view the correct information for the term in question.

Current Options

Changing Your Current Options Settings

  1. Click the Set Options button.

    Set Options
  2. Select the program (graduate or undergraduate), choose the session (fall, spring or summer) and enter the year. Click Submit Options.


Student Info. Menu

Student Info. Menu

  1. Biographical Info. - In the Student Biographical Information section, you are able to review and update your address, phone number and graduation date. You may also view:

    • Holds on your account
    • Active address
    • Webster Employment Record
    • Exam records
    • Education Information
    • Housing Services Info.
  2. Student Schedule - Your student schedule will list all of your courses for a specified term (affected by the Current Options Settings). In order to view the correct information, be sure to properly set your options for the Program, Session and Year.

  3. Grades - Your grades will be posted in the system within two weeks of course completion. In order to view the correct information, be sure to properly set your options for the Program, Session and Year.

  4. Grade Report Request - If you need to obtain an official copy of your grade report, you may request it here. You may also view any outstanding or completed grade requests.

  5. Academic Report Request - Your academic record functions as an unofficial transcript. It will provide a detailed breakdown of every course you have taken in sequential order according to your program's start date.

  6. Degree Audit - The Degree Audit page offers a breakdown of your courses according to each course category. This is an excellent tool; for tracking and deciding which courses to take.

  7. Financial Aid - You can access your financial aid award information in the Financial Aid folder. You may also view a list of documents needed if you have received a request for financial aid information.

  8. Registration - In the Registration section, you will be able to sign-up for classes. You must have clearance from your advisor beforehand.

  9. GPA Projection - GPA Projection allows you to see what your resulting GPA would be based on grades you may receive. Just enter a grade for each course in a given session and year, then click Submit.

  10. Statement/Pay Online - Student account information and services have been upgraded to better serve Webster University students. Please access the Student Account Financial Services links on the right side of the Student Tab to view account information or make a payment. Select the new View Account History by Date option to customize your student account transaction listing by date.

  11. Parking Tags - You can order parking tags for use at the main Webster Groves Campus Downtown Campus. Your student account will be billed and mailed to the address on-file.

  12. Course Schedule Online - Current course schedules are posted online. You can access them here.

  13. Feedback - This option allows you to provide feedback about the Student Academic Services portal. The information is then routed to the Registrar.

  14. Print - You can print a paper copy of any information you need from Student Academic Services.

  15. Help - Still have questions? Please feel free to contact the IT Service Desk for further assistance.