Adding Tabs in Connections

By default, Connections provides great flexibility for you to customize the tabs and channels that you have in your layout. One of the options that you have is to create new tabs and populate them with channels. To create a new tab, use the following procedure:

  1. In the top left-hand corner of the page above the Connections tabs, locate and click the Content/Layout link.
  2. You see the Manage Content/Layout page, which allows you to change aspects of your user layout, such as adding tabs, moving or deleting channels, etc.
  3. To add a tab, locate the image of Connections layout and click the Add New Tab icon. New Tab
  4. You see a list of steps for adding the tab, which includes the following options:

    Name the tab:
    Allows you to supply a name for the new tab.

    Select the type:
    Allows you to specify one of two types for the tab content: Traditional, which preserves the channelized content; Framed, which allows you to fill the tab with the content of a specified URL.

    Select a position for the tab:
    Allows you to set the order of the tab in the layout in relation to other tabs. Depending on how your institution has configured Connections, some tabs may be locked and therefore unmovable.
  5. To add the new tab, fill in these fields as appropriate and click Submit. You are returned to the layout screen where you see the new tab in the layout image. At this point you will need to add channels to the tab.
  6. To exit without adding the tab, click "Cancel and return."