Connections Calendar

What is Calendar?

Calendar allows you to access, and manage your schedule from any Web-enabled device. Since calendars can be integrated with your institution's existing information system, you will likely have calendars automatically created for you when you enroll in a class. These calendars typically contain class times, exam times, and other scheduling information pertaining to your class. You can also create your own calendars and share them with friends or colleagues. You can even make your calendars send e-mail reminders to yourself or others before a scheduled event.

Tabs And Icons

Near the top of the Calendar screen is a set of tabs, similar to tabs on file folders. The tabs allow you to view different calendar information. For example, you can view an overview of a day's events with the week ahead and any pending tasks you have listed. You can also click the day, week, and month links to show the associated view. You can update the calendar from any of these views.

  • Calendars tab: Lets you create new calendars, gain access (subscribe) to other calendars, and set what others can see and change in your calendars.
  • Calendar Sets tab: Lets you create or change a calendar set, add and delete calendars for created sets, and view all calendars in a set.
  • Options tab: Lets you change the appearance of your calendar, modify the behavior of calendar, and import and export calendars.

Calendar Icons

New Event Clicking this icon displays a window that lets you enter a title, date, start and end time for an event, repeat an event, invite or notify a person of the event by e-mail, and remove an invitee from the event. You can use the Reminders, Availability, and Preview tabs on the new event window to complete more information about the event.
New Task Clicking this icon displays a window that lets you enter a title, date, time, and description of a task, repeat the task, and mark the task as completed. You can use the tabs within the New Task dialog to set reminders and preview a task.
Jump To This icon lets you change your calendar view to a specific day, month, and year.
Printable This icon let you print a (formatted) plain text current view of your calendar. You can click this icon from any view.
Search This icon lets you locate an event or task by text search.
New Cal This icon creates a new calendar and allows different users different types of access to your calendars. You can shift the time zone as well.
Subscribe This icon lets you gain access to or find a calendar.
New Set This icon lets you create a new calendar set and change calendars within a set.
Settings Lets you change the Default Calendar Set, Date, Time, Day, First Day of the Week, Time Zone, and set e-mail event reminders.
Import Lets you import events into your calendars and set the Event Destination, Import Format and Source File, and the Date Range.
Export Lets you export events from your Calendar(s) and set a Date Range, and Export Format.