Connections Content and Layout


By default, Connections provides great flexibility for you to customize the tabs and channels that you have in your layout. In general Connections allows you to:

    • Add tabs to your layout
    • Modify tabs to remove them from your layout, move tabs to a new position, rename them, set the default tab that opens when you log on, or change the way the tab opens
    • Add channels to new or existing tabs
    • Modify channels to move them to other tabs, reorder channels on a given tab, or even delete channels from a tab
    • Add columns on a given tab
    • Modify columns to reorder or delete them

To modify tab and channel properties or to add new tabs and channels to the layout, you must access the Manage Content/Layout page. This page provides a miniature image of the Connections layout. This image allows you to modify elements using the following buttons:

Add New Tab Allows you to add a new content tab to your layout.
Add Column Allows you to add a new column to the layout of a selected tab.
Select Column Allows you to select a column to move horizontally in the layout of a selected tab or to adjust the widths of the columns on a tab.
Add Channel Allows you to add a new channel to the selected tab in a specified area.
Arrows Allows you to move a tab horizontally in the display, a column horizontally in a given tab, or a channel horizontally across columns or vertically within a column.


The layout image also provides a minimized representation of each channel that is contained on the selected tab:

Channel Edit

In addition to providing the ability to move the channel horizontally or vertically, this image allows you to delete the channel from the tab by clicking the delete ( X ) icon. To select the channel to edit, you click the select (pencil) icon. You will then see a list of options allowable for the channel, such as deleting it.

For more specific information on how to customize the layout from the Manage Content/Layout page, click the Help icon located in the Connections toolbar and then select the topics within the Portal folder displayed in the Help Index Menu.