Searching for a Group | Webster University

Searching for a Group

The Group Search Results screen displays the results of a search for an online group entered on the Groups Index screen, and lets you access the guest view pages for the groups returned by the search. The screen displays the names of the groups that match the search criteria, a short description of each group, and identifies the groups as either public or restricted groups. The Group Search Results screen also lets you enter a new online group search.

To access the Group Search Results screen, first access the Group Studio application and then click the Groups Index tab. Use the Groups Index screen to search for a group. The system will display the results of your search on the Group Search Results screen.

To access a guest view page, click the group name whose guest view page you'd like to view. You see the selected group's guest view page.

Entering a New Search for a Group Category

  1. In the Search for Groups section of the screen, select the group attributes you want to use in your search by placing a check mark in the box next to the attribute. You can search by group name, title, or description.
  2. In the Search Text field, enter the text you want to use in your search.
  3. Click Submit Query. The system will search for groups that match your search criteria and refresh the Group Search Results page with the results.
  4. To access a group's guest view page, click the group name.