Using the Groups Index | Webster University

Using the Groups Index

The Groups Index screen lets you browse through the group categories established in the Connections Portal and provides access to group member and guest homepages. The screen also provides the ability to search for online groups by group name, title or description. Additionally, the Groups Index screen provides a link where you can request the creation of a new group.

To access the Groups Index screen, first access the Group Studio application and then click the Groups Index tab. To make locating and joining groups easier, groups are organized into categories and subcategories. For example, a faculty member could create a group category called Arts and Sciences. Beneath this category, the school of Fine Art could organize sub-categories such as Performing Arts and Visual Arts. Other faculty or administration could then place groups such as Dance and Musical Theatre in the Performing Arts subcategory.

Groups Index

Browsing Group Categories

  1. From the Categories list, click a category name. The groups list changes to display any groups that exist in that category.
  2. Click the group name in the groups list to access the group's guest view page.
  3. If an arrow is displayed next to a category name, click the arrow to expand the listing to view its sub-categories.
  4. To select a sub-category, click the subcategory name from the Categories list. The Groups list changes to display any groups that exist under the selected subcategory.

Group Search

Searching for Group Categories

  1. In the Search for Groups section of the screen, select the group attributes you want to use in your search by placing a checkmark in the box next to the attribute. You can search by group name, title, or description.
  2. In the Search Text field, enter the text you want to use in your search.
  3. Click Search. The system will search for groups that match your search criteria and display the search results on the Group Search Results page.
  4. To access a group's guest view page, click the group name.