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All groups have a group leader. Typically, a group leader is the individual who initially requested the group creation. Group

Leaders use Group Studio to complete the following tasks:

    • Create and manage the group homepage, including the links, news articles, files, and photos posted to the homepage
    • Create and manage the group guest view page, including the group description and information, and any links or photos that would be appropriate to be viewed by non-group members
    • Set up the group message board with topics and an overall description, and deleting topics, messages, or replies as necessary
    • Create and manage the group calendar
    • Activate and deactivate group members as necessary, including approving or disapproving membership requests for restricted groups
    • Assign privileges to group members so responsibility for any of the above tasks can be delegated

Group Studio provides a set of tools that appear in a menu on the left-hand column of any page for which you are the group leader. The menu includes options that let you manage the content on the homepage and guest view page, and options that let you manage the configuration of the group.

If responsibility for any group homepage management has been delegated to other group members, they will also see the tools menu, but it will only contain options for any permission they have been assigned.

Group MembersGroup Tools

If you are a member of an online group or are registered to attend or teach a course at Webster University, you have access to dedicated group tools. These tools include Calendars, Chat rooms, and Message boards. You can also view any announcements the group leader may set, and view news articles that may pertain to your group.

All of these tools are provided within the group portal and maintained by the group leader. As a member, you do not see some of these leader tasks. You may be assigned privileges for any of these tasks; you will only see the options you can use.