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Sympa Email Distribution Lists

What Is Sympa?

Sympa is a listserv system for managing electronic mailing lists. In its most basic form, a mailing list offers a means of communicating electronically with a collection of people through a single e-mail address. When someone sends a message to a mailing list address, the message goes to everyone subscribed to the list.

Why Use Sympa?

At Webster, we have instituted a limit on the number of recipients to which a single email message may be electronically mailed. This limit helps prevent spammers from using Webster accounts to flood our system with bogus or fraudulent messages and helps regulate email flow through our system, preventing large numbers of email messages from hitting the servers all at once. Such volume can negatively impact email server performance.

Of course, many of us have a need to regularly send email to large groups of people. Sympa allows us to accommodate such large mailings. In cases where your email distribution list reaches a total of 30+ recipients, you can request a Sympa mailing list. Then, you may address your email to a single email address, the list name, and all the recipients (subscribers) associated with the list will receive it.

How Do I Request a Sympa List?

  1. Submit a service request (work order). Under the Applications/Systems section, select more, then Sympa, then click Ok. Select Request New Sympa List, then click Ok. If you'd like to have the list pre-loaded with an initial set of email addresses, attach a file that contains the addresses to your request.
  2. IT will review your request.
  3. List requests are subject to approval. Needs of the University will be considered along with potential impact to system resources and compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act. During the review process, IT personnel may also contact you for more details.
  4. If approved, the list will be created. You will then be notified that the list is ready for use and provided information to get you started.