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Email Optimization Tips

Clean out your Inbox and keep it clean.

  • The more messages you have in your Inbox the slower your email client will respond. 
  • Do not keep large messages in your Inbox, any message over 1MB should be moved out of the Inbox as soon as possible.
  • Typical Inboxes should have less than 20 messages in them at any given time

Keep your send/receive frequency to a minimum.

  • Make sure you have your automatic send/receive set to 10 minutes or MORE.
  • Do not click the button to send/receive messages frequently or repeatedly.

Do not keep messages on the server.

  • If you have your email client set to save your messages on the server after you have downloaded them to your computer, make sure they are deleted after a certain period of time.

Have your email open in only one place at a time.

  • If you have your email client open and want to open Connections mail, close your email client first
  • Do not leave your email client running in your office/room/home if you expect to be checking your email at another location