Email Retrieval Methods | Webster University

Methods for Retrieving Webster E-mail

Your email is stored on one of many Webster email servers. It may be retrieved using any of the methods described below. Connections will know on which server your email is stored, but you must know what your server's name is in order to use IMAP (webmail) or to correctly configure any desktop email software.

 Via Web Via Desktop Software
 Connections (click email icon in upper-right corner of the screen)  Outlook (Windows platform)
 Webmail (IMAP)
  Mac Mail, Entourage (Mac platform)
 Forwarded (if allowed) and retrieved via a 3rd-party interface


Please Note:

  • 3rd-party webmail programs are not supported by Webster IT.
  • Barracuda scans all mail for spam BEFORE it is delivered to your inbox or can be forwarded. Quarantined email must be retrieved/released by going to Barracuda directly.