Webmail | Webster University

Accessing Webster University Webmail


  1. When accessing Webmail at https://webmail.webster.edu, you will be taken to a login screen. Your username, mode and server will all be pre-populated with the correct information.  
  2. Enter your password and click Log In. 

newwebmail login

3. You will be taken in to your email inbox. 

webmail 2

 4. Select a message to see options such as forward and reply.webmail2

5. Double-clicking on the message opens the message in a new window.

6. There is a download icon next to any attachment.webmail4

7. On the left side you will see “folder actions” click this to see all folders, they are called “mailboxes” in this applications.

8. Click on “create mailbox” to create a new folder.


9. To access your preferences/settings click the gear icon at the top of the page.webmail6

10. Click “Global Preferences”.webmail7

11. There are many options you can explore. A few that might be useful are the “Sent Items” handling preferences shown below.


12. Another preference is Deleting and Moving Messages.

13. Setting the preference to move deleted items to the trash folder is what most people prefer.


14. Make sure to click Save if you change any preferences.