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IPTV Set Top Box

Set-Top Box

Package Contents

The Video Furnace Set-Top Box package includes the following components:

  • 1 - Video Furnace Set-Top Box IP Appliance
  • 1 - Power Supply Unit (PSU) and A/C power cord
  • 1 - A/V cable (composite video, left and right audio).
  • 1 - S-Video Cable
  • 1 - IR Remote Control

Quick Start: Connecting the Video Furnace Set-Top Box

The front of the Video Furnace Set-Top Box has a single LED that indicates power and IR reception. While the Video Furnace Set-Top Box is powered the green LED illuminates. During IR reception (i.e., when you use the remote control) the LED flickers red to indicate that Video Furnace Set-Top Box is receiving the IR signal. The front of the unit has a USB jack reserved for support by the manufacturer.

Please be aware of the following requirements; deviating from these requirements voids the warranty.

  1. Connect the Video Furnace Set-Top Box to the network jack on the wall (labeled N). You will need a CAT5/RJ-45 Ethernet cable (not supplied) of an appropriate length.
  2. Using the supplied A/V cable, connect the Baseband audio (red/white RCA jacks) and composite video (yellow RCA jack) jacks to the television using the A/V cable supplied. An S-Video connection may be made using the S-Video cable provided.
  3. Connect the Video Furnace Set-Top Box Power Supply to the Video Furnace Set-Top Box power input jack then connect the A/C power cord to the PSU and plug the 3 prong plug to a grounded A/C outlet using only the A/C power cord provided with the PSU.
  4. All other connections are reserved for use by the manufacturer.
  5. Turn the TV on then press the power button on the front of the Set-Top Box. Select the TV video mode that shows video provided by the connected video jacks (i.e., Composite or S-Video). The TV should present an image that shows the Set-Top Box is waiting to load or is in the process of loading the Set-Top Box application. After the Set-Top Box application has finished loading, the Set-Top Box tunes a channel.
  6. Adjust your television volume to a comfortable level then use the Set-Top Box remote control to adjust the volume of the Set-Top Box or mute. Pressing the Power button on the remote control places the Set-Top Box in standby or brings it our of standby.

    Panel Views

Closed Caption

To display closed caption text, enable the closed caption feature of your television. Closed caption data is generated by the Set-Top Box when available in the tuned channel.  Please refer to the following diagrams to familiarize yourself with the power button and various input/output jacks.

Provisioning the Video Furnace Set-Top Box

If power is removed from the STB after initial setup, it must be provisioned from the network before it can be used again.

To provision the Set-Top Box:

  1. Connect the Ethernet cable to your network jack.
  2. Connect the preferred video and audio output jacks to the TV using the cable(s) provided.
  3. Connect the power supply unit (PSU) to the Set-Top Box power input and plug-in the PSU.
  4. Press the front panel power button to start the provisioning process.
  5. Wait for a minute or so for provisioning to complete.
    If provisioning fails, contact the help desk.

Using the Remote Control

Review the diagram below to become familiar with the IR remote control unit.

IPTV Remote


  • Favorite Channels: Set your favorite channels to get there by the click of a single button
  • Picture-In-Picture: Watch programs inside of programs
  • Program Guide: Know what is going to be on
  • Sleep: Set the system to automatically shut off after a certain amount of time
  • Info: Know what information is available on the program that you are watching
  • Internal System Sound: Separate volume functions from your televisions
  • To Do List: List of shows that will automatically come on when they are on

How To

Programming Your Favorite Channels

  1. On the remote, press the Menu button.
  2. On the screen, use the up and down arrows to get to the selection that says Favorites, and hit the right arrow button to move to the next screen.
  3. On the next screen, there is a list of channels. When you get to the channel that you would like set as a favorite, hit any of the three blue buttons that have the letter V and a number next to it, either 1, 2, or 3.
  4. After you are done, you can hit the Menu button to exit out of the screen.

Using The Channel Guide

  1. On the remote, press the Guide button, and from there, you can use the arrow keys to scroll down through the different channels.
  2. If you hit the right arrow, you can head over to the other side and what is going to be appearing on that particular channel later in the day.

Searching For Programs

  1. On the remote, press the Search button, and a screen will appear where you can use the arrow keys to navigate around the screen.
  2. When you get on a letter that you like, press the OK button, and in the bottom right screen, there will appear a list of items that match the items that you are searching for.
  3. If you click OK for one of the programs, it will add it to your To Do List. From there, it will automatically come up when the program is on.

Extra Remote Features

  • PIP, SWAP, HIDE: Used if a program has a Second Stream available. (Not available on Webster IPTV)
  • Bookmark: Used with Video on Demand (Not available on Webster IPTV)
  • Chapter Back, Rewind, Play, Pause, Fast Forward, Chapter Forward: Used with Video on Demand (Not available on Webster IPTV)