Wireless Internet - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any specific software on my machine to use it?

You do not need any specific software to use Webster WiFi, but you will need a compatible Operating System and wireless adapter.

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows XP Professional Edition
  • Macintosh OS 10.3 or higher

Compatible wireless adapters:

  • Must support b/g standard

Is it secure?

Webster WiFi is an unsecured wireless network. However, only users with a valid Connections ID and Password will be able to use the wireless network. So while the data sent/received on Webster WiFi is not encrypted, it is not an "open" network either.

Do I need any sort of logon for it?

To utilize Webster WiFi, you will need to logon with your Connections ID and password.

Who can use the Webster WiFi?

Anyone with a valid Connections ID and Password.

Will the University be supplying any hardware/software required?

No. Webster will only support connecting to the Webster WiFi using equipment that is already installed and that meets our hardware/software requirements.

What kind of hardware do I need to take advantage of the wireless internet on campus?

A PC laptop or desktop running Windows XP Pro with a wireless adapter that supports the b/g standard OR A Macintosh desktop or laptop running OS 10.3 or higher with a wireless adapter that supports the b/g standard.

How fast is Webster WiFi on campus?

Webster WiFi is 802.11b/g compliant, so users can get up to 150mbps. Speed varies based on condition of the current environment.

Where on campus are the WiFi signals coming from (where are the strongest signals)?

The wireless access points are calibrated so that the wireless hot spots on campus have even coverage.

Will the campus have WiFi adapters available for checkout if my laptop doesn't have a wireless card?

No. Each individual is responsible for having the proper equipment for access Webster WiFi.

Will the bookstore stock WiFi adapters?

The bookstore has no plans at this time to stock any wireless adapters. Wireless adapters can be obtained locally through retail outlets such as CompUSA and Best Buy.

Will I be able to print when I am on the wireless network?

You will not be able to print to any network printers while on Webster WiFi.

Will the same Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) apply to the wireless network as to the wired?

Yes. All current policies regarding network usage apply to Webster WiFi.

Will I have access to my network drive?

You will not have access to any of your network drives while using Webster WiFi as they are on a separate network subnet from the wireless network.

Will I log onto Novell via wireless?

No. If you computer is setup with a Novell logon, when you are accessing the Internet using Webster WiFi, Novell services will not be available. In addition, if you startup your computer on the wireless network and the Novell logon comes up, you will need to choose “Workstation Only” as the logon.