Guest Wireless Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get internet access for a guest I am hosting at the University?

There are two ways to get internet access for your guest. 

If your guest will be on campus 24 hours or less you can contact the Service Desk when they arrive and you will be given a Registration Code they can use to self-register on the wireless network.

If your guest will be on campus for more than 1 day please contact the Service Desk at least 24 hours in advance to obtain a username and password.  Please use the IT customer self-service portal ( to request the account. 

Where is Guest Wireless access available?

Guest Wi-Fi is available anywhere we already have the “webster-wifi” network, including most extended sites.  

How does a guest access the wireless network?

Complete instruction for accessing Guest Wireless can be found here.

The Guest Wireless User Agreement can be found here.

How does a guest access the wireless network?

You must have a University faculty or staff sponsor (usually the person you’ve been in contact with to arrange your visit to the University). The sponsor will provide you with the Registration Code.