Connecting to Wireless Network | Webster University

Connecting to Webster's Wireless Network


Windows (Webster-Owned PCs)

1. The first time you connect to a wireless network you will be prompted by Cisco AnyConnect to choose which Wireless network to connect to. Click on WU_Wireless and click Connect.  


2. You will then be prompted to enter a key, this is your Connections password.


3. Click OK and you will be connected to the internet.


Windows (Personally-Owned PCs)

  1. Locate the wireless icon in your system tray. 


 2. Locate WU_Wireless and click Connect.


3. You will see a message to accept the security certificate. Click Connect.


4. You will be prompted for a username and password. Enter your Connections username and password and click OK.


5. You will now be connected to WU_Wireless and can access the internet.



  1. From your Macintosh desktop, click on the wireless icon.mac1
  2. Click Open Network Preferences.mac2
  3. Click on Turn Wi-Fi ON.mac3
  4. Click again on the WiFi icon, and from the drop-down menu, choose WU_Wireless.mac4
  5. You will then see the login screen below. In the User Name field, type in your Connections ID (Connections username) and in the Password field, type in your Connections password. Click Join


6. The next step is the opportunity to view the Authenticating Certificate by clicking on Show Certificate. If you do not want to view this Certificate, click on Continue.mac6

7.  When you see this next dialog box, enter your Connections username and password.mac7

8. You are now connected to the WU_Wireless network.


9. You can now open a browser and use the Internet as you would with a wired connection. When you finish using the WU-Wireless connection, there is no need to disconnect – you will be automatically disconnected when you move out of range. WU_Wireless offers greater security, which includes benefits such as no longer having to re-authenticate when you arrive on campus or move between buildings.


  1. Open the wireless options on your Android device.
  2. Locate WU_Wireless.


3. Click on WU_Wireless to connect.

4. Fill in the required information.android2

5. Click Connect

6. You will now have internet access on your phone


  1. Open the wireless options on your iOS (Apple) device.
  2. Locate WU_Wireless.


3. Click on WU_Wireless to Connect.

4. Fill in the required information.





5. 5. 5. Click Join.

6. Click Trust on the certificate screen. ios3

7. You will now have internet access on your mobile device (phone/tablet).ios4

8. Locate WU_Wireless and click Connect