ResTech Drop-Off Services | Webster University

ResTech Drop-Off Services

Drop-Off Appointments allow our ResTech Consultants to examine your computer, make sure it is clean of viruses and/or malware, and keep it running smoothly while you are on the Webster network. All work performed by ResTech is by appointment only. 

What We Do

  • Remove viruses
  • Remove spyware and malware
  • Delete temporary files
  • Perform Windows updates
  • Remove invasive software
  • Perform general operating system maintenance
  • Minimize startup programs for faster startup
  • Troubleshoot network connectivity settings
  • Configure browsers and firewalls so that IPTV will work properly

What to Bring

Bring each of the following items to your appointment. Failure to bring the necessary equipment will result in service delays.

  • Student ID Card (Required)
  • Power Cord/Adapter
  • Your network (Ethernet) cable for testing, if you are having Internet connection problems
  • Passwords for system, screen savers and anti-virus programs that we would need to access

What to Expect During Your Appointment

  1. Bring your computer to ResTech located in 475 E. Lockwood (Luhr Hall - Basement) and explain the current problems with the machine.

    Note: ResTech is located in a locked, secured area. You must have scheduled appointment before visiting and you must arrive on time for your appointment, not before or after your scheduled time.

  2. You will be asked for your Student ID card and a copy of it will be made so that we can keep it on file for security purposes.

  3. We verify residential status.

  4. You will read and sign a ResTech drop-off computer service agreement and fill out a drop-off/check-in form. On this form, you can list any certain programs that you do not wish to have removed or installed. Please note, however, that we may need to remove invasive software, such as Limewire, in order for to resolve your issue.

  5. We will explain what will be done to the computer, how long it will take for the work to be completed, and how you will be contacted when the computer is ready for pick-up.

What Happens after I Drop Off My Computer

  1. We affix removable tags to your computer to identify it.
  2. We secure your computer and accessories. Computers can only be accessed by ResTech staff and ResTech management.
  3. We input your information into a database for tracking.
  4. We do the agreed-upon work on your computer, tracking all steps in the database.
  5. When the work is done, you will be contacted first by phone and then by e-mail to let you know that your computer is ready. Usually, a computer will be ready in about three to five working days, although we cannot guarantee this turnaround as some issues are more severe.
  6. You schedule an appointment to pick up your computer. This appointment must be officially scheduled for tracking purposes.
  7. During the pick-up appointment, ResTech Consultants will review with you all the work that was done on your computer. Allow up to 30 minutes for this appointment.