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Checking Your Account

If you are signed up for Webster Alerts but not receiving text messages, you should check your account's status using the following checklist. Likewise, it's best to routinely check your account to ensure you continue to receive alerts when they're sent. We recommend at least once per year. Here's what to look for:

Is your account active and all contacts validated?

When you add a new phone number or email address to your account, it must be validated. For phone numbers, you will receive a text message with a validation code. You must log back in to Webster Alerts and enter the code in order to validate the phone number. In the case of an email address, you will receive an email to which you must reply.

If you've never received a validation message, then your account is not active and you will not receive alerts. You can confirm whether the status of your account by logging in. Click the Services tab. If any of your phone numbers or email addresses are "unvalidated," click "Resend Activation SMS” or "Resend Activation Email".

Phone and Email Status Indicators

If you're unable to receive the account validation code on your cell phone: If you do not receive the code within 1 hour, log back into your account, click the Services tab and make sure your telephone number is correct.  If it is, try deleting the number and adding it using the “alternate” version of your carrier. For example, use Cricket (Alternate) instead of Cricket or use Sprint (Alternate) instead of Sprint.

Is your account expired?

Webster Alerts accounts expire after two years. To make sure yours is still active, log in to your account. If you see “Your service expired on...", click the Re-Activate Account button. Thirty days prior to expiration, Webster Alerts will send a message to the email and cell phone associated with the account to let you know about the pending expiration. (See the example below.)
Expired account

Did you sign up for more than one account?

Multiple accounts sometimes cause problems with receiving alerts. If you are unsure whether you have multiple accounts, email with your full name. They will check the user database and get back to you.

Are you signed up for the appropriate groups?

Just because you signed up for a Webster Alerts account does not mean you get all of the alerts that are sent.  You have to be signed up for the group to which the alerts are sent. Log in to your account and click on the Groups tab to see the groups to which you are subscribed.

For St. Louis area students, staff, and faculty, the two most common groups to subscribe to are Webster Groves EMERGENCY and St. Louis WEATHER. Extended sites subscribe to groups specific to their campus locations.

Still not receiving alerts?

Contact the IT Service Desk.