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Updating Webster Alerts' Contact Info and Delivery Preferences

In order to also receive Webster Alerts on your cell phone or at another email, there is a simple system for changing your contact information in Webster Alerts. You may add three mobile phone numbers and two additional email addresses to your account. These can also be cell phone numbers or email addresses for loved ones, in case you want them to be informed of campus emergencies.

 To do this, please follow the below instructions:

1.      Log into Connections.

2.      On the main page of Connections, you will see a Webster Alerts heading. Click Manage Your Account to access the Webster Alerts portal.

3.      For your first login, please read over the Terms of Use and click Submit.

4.      Once you are in the Webster Alerts portal, you will see a dropdown menu in the upper left corner of the screen. Click on the dropdown box and select User to edit your user information.

5.      On this screen, you will see an option to add a mobile phone number. Please enter only the number and do not include dashes or other punctuation.

6.      Confirm your mobile phone carrier by using the dropdown box.

7.      You should receive a 4-digit confirmation code via text message. Enter the confirmation code in the space provided in the Webster Alerts portal.

8.      Add an e-mail address by clicking on that option and entering the new e-mail address in the space provided. 

  • To edit any of this information throughout the year, please log into your Webster Alerts account through Connections and make the appropriate changes with the above instructions.  
  • If you do not add additional e-mail addresses or mobile phone numbers to your Webster Alerts account, you will only receive these emergency alerts through your Webster e-mail address.
  • If you run into any issues, using your Webster Alerts portal, or if the Webster Alerts heading is not visible on your Connections menu, please contact the IT Service Desk