Webster Alerts Frequently Asked Questions

Who can get Webster Alerts?

Webster Alerts is available to any student, faculty, staff or Webster Groves Community Music School parents directly affected by an emergency on participating Webster University campuses.

Why should I subscribe to Webster Alerts?

  • Text messaging is more reliable in emergency situations when communication systems reach high capacity. Text messages will get through when phone calls won't.
  • You will receive alerts anywhere, even when you do not have access to a computer.
  • You will have the assurance of knowing that should an emergency occur you will be notified immediately

What types/how many messages will I receive?

You can then choose which types of messages you wish to receive, emergency notifications for specified locations, weather notifications or both. Emergency notifications will only be used in situations where there is an immediate threat to life or property. Weather notifications will be sent when there is sever weather or other issues that would cause a cancellation or delay in classes or operations.

What do I need to get Webster Alerts and how much does it cost?

All you need is a cell phone with text messaging capabilities. There is no charge to users for signing up. Text message charges may apply for receiving messages, depending on your cell phone plan.

Will my cell phone number/email address be kept confidential?

Yes. Webster University and e2Campus keep your cell phone number and email address confidential. It will not be shared or sold to any other institution or organization. We will not spam you. Messages are sent if there is an emergency or weather related issue. Omnilert, LLC (Parent company of e2campus) will not disclose, sell or trade your contact information to anyone not affiliated with Omnilert, LLC. The Omnilert Network will only send targeted messages to only those subscribers who wish to receive messages through an "opt-in" process, unless otherwise directed by the client organization (in this case, Webster University).

I have a pre-paid cell phone, such as Tracfone. Can I use Webster Alerts?

Some pre-paid cell phones are capable of text messaging. Please check the carrier drop-down on the sign-up form for your specific carrier. See a complete list of supported carriers.

I don't have a cell phone. Can I still sign up?

You can sign up for the email alerts, which you will receive even if there is a problem with Webster's email servers. The link to sign up for email only is located at the bottom of the Create a New Account page, just below the regular sign-up form. You will need to reply back to a validation email once you sign up to complete the process.

Can I add more than one phone number or email address?

Yes, you can add up to two phone numbers and two email addresses per account.

How do I create a new account?

To create a new account, complete the registration form on the Create a New Account page. If you need help completing the form, view the e2Campus online tutorial.

Do I need to use my Connections user name and password to sign up?

No, you can choose any user name and password. Webster Alerts is not linked to Connections.

Which groups should I choose?

When you create a new account, you choose the groups to which you want to subscribe. Alert messages are distributed according to these groups. The ones you choose are the ones for which you'll receive alerts. Groups are listed in order of location on the New Account form under "Optional Groups."

  • St. Louis area campuses: Choose STL-Metro AND any of the following groups that pertain to you:
    STL-Community Music School, STL-Webster Groves Main Campus, STL-Old Post Office, STL-Westport, or STL-Winghaven.
  • St. Louis resident students only: Choose St. Louis area groups (see above) and STL-Webster Groves Residential Students.
  • Extended  campuses: Choose State-campus-named group, for example MO Kansas City Alerts (Emergency and  weather alerts are combined, not separate groups.)