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Webster Alerts Frequently Asked Questions




 How do I get a Webster Alerts' Account?

A Webster Alerts account is automatically created for all Webster students, faculty, and staff and will automatically send alerts to your Webster.edu email address. You can opt-in to have Webster Alerts' texts sent to your cell phone. To add your cell phone to Webster Alerts to receive text messages, and to add additional email addresses, go to the Connections portal and locate the Webster Alerts' channel in My Connections. Click on Manage Your Account to access your Webster Alerts subscriber settings. To view instructions on how to add cell phone numbers or email addresses to your Webster Alerts' account, click here.

Who can get Webster Alerts?

Webster Alerts is available to any student, faculty, staff or Webster Groves Community Music School parents directly affected by an emergency on participating Webster University campuses.

Under what circumstances will a Webster Alert be sent?

Campus Safety Alert (Timely Warning):  is issued any time the Director of Public Safety or Campus Director receives a report of a Clery Act crime which occurred on Clery Act geography that constitutes a serious or continuing threat to students. faculty or staff. 

Emergency Notification: is issued any time the Director of Public Safety or Campus Director confirms that there is a significant emergency or dangerous situation which poses an immediate threat to the health or safety of students, faculty or staff. 

Campus Closure:  is issued at the discretion of the Administration, the University may be closed due to bad weather or other circumstances.

What does Webster Alerts cost?

There is no charge for using Webster Alerts. Text message charges may apply for receiving messages, depending on your cell phone plan.

Will my cell phone number/email address be kept confidential?

Yes. Webster University and Rave Mobile Safety keep your cell phone number and email address completely confidential. It will not be shared or sold to any other institution or organization. We will not spam you. Messages are sent only if there is an emergency or weather-related issue. 

I have a pre-paid cell phone. Can I use Webster Alerts?

If your phone is capable of receiving text messages, it can receive Webster Alerts. You will automatically receive email messages and can retrieve these on your phone if email is available and set up.

I don't have a cell phone. Can I still sign up?

Yes. You are automatically signed-up to receive Webster Alerts by email at your Webster.edu email address.

Can I add more than one phone number or email address?

Yes, you can add up to three phone numbers and three email addresses per account.

Can Webster Alerts be used at international campuses?

Yes!  Manage your Webster Alerts account through My Connections.  Add up to two personal email accounts and add up to three mobile phone contact accounts.  Be sure to include the country code with your mobile phone number.  In the Carrier drop down, select “International.”  After you have updated your account, click on the yellow “test” button to confirm your changes and ensure you have entered the correct information.