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Adding Contact Lists

When your department's account is first created, you will need to add one or more lists of contacts. Contacts are the audiences targeted for your email communications. Your department will be responsible for importing and maintaining your own contacts. The primary list, called the “General Interest” list, serves as your default mailing list. Your department should rename this list to match the department name. Additional lists may be added depending upon your department's needs and its target audience.

You add a contact list in one of two ways:

  • Type in all email addresses manually
  • Import a file containing the email addresses

Importing Contacts

Constant Contact allows you to import contacts from files, such as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Details are provided in the "Importing a List" tutorial listed in the references at the bottom of this page. When creating a file of contacts to import, the column headings must match the field names that Constant Contact uses in order to successfully use the system's personalization and mail merge capabilities.

When you import a list of contacts, you must check all the boxes on the “Permission Confirmation Checklist” window. You are certifying that your contacts have all consented to receiving communications, were not obtained from a third party, and do not contain any distribution lists or email addresses that may be received by more than one person.

Exporting Contacts

If you've added a fairly large list with many contacts, we recommend you maintain these in an external file, such as an Excel workbook. Each time you need to update your contact list, you will need to export the list from Constant Contact (in case any of your list members have updated their emails and/or profiles), modify the file in the external application, and then re-import the updated file to Constant Contact.

External files are best saved using the comma separated value (.csv) format.

To save as .csv in Microsoft Excel:

  • Excel 2007: Choose File > Save As > Other Formats. Select "CSV" from the Save As Type drop-down box.
  • Earlier versions: Choose File > Save As. Select "CSV" from the Save As Type drop-down box.

Managing Contact Lists - Tutorials

Tutorial Description
(Speakers or headphones required for audio)
Getting Started with Contacts General overview of the Contacts tool within Constant Contact 4 min.
Importing a List Instructions on how to properly format a file before importing into Constant Contact, how to set up your column headings in a spreadsheet you'll be importing, how to check for errors, and more. 6 min.
Customizing Your Join My Mailing List Form Information about creating a mailing list form that gives your customers newsletter options. Describes how to download the online mailing list form, modify it, add newsletter options for people to choose to receive, and collect info from new subscribers. 6 min.
QuickImport for Microsoft Outlook How to import contacts from Microsoft Outlook using Constant Contact's downloadable QuickImport utility. (Not developed by Webster University Information Technology)

Note: You can also manually export contacts from Outlook without the QuickImport utility.
8 min.

Managing Contact Lists - User Guides

 Guide  Description Format
Importing or uploading a file of contact email addresses Text-based instruction on exporting contacts from various email clients and importing these into Constant Contact

Note: Microsoft Outlook and Mac Mail are the only clients officially supported by the University.
Adding and Updating Contacts Detailed instructions on adding and updating contacts, including how these should be formatted PDF