Getting Started with Constant Contact | Webster University

Getting Started

Before sending your first email from Constant Contact, your department will need to set up your account. Here are the things you and your department need to do:

Learn about Constant Contact

The Constant Contact web site has a variety of in-depth tutorials that explain how to use the system and its components. This web site lists the most relevant tutorials, those will be most helpful to you as you begin using the system.

Getting Started with Email Marketing tutorial (12 min.) - Please view this tutorial prior to your training. Available directly through Constant Contact, it offers an overview of the product and its use and will help simplify your training. Speakers or headphones required for audio.

Know Your Account Log-on

Your department, no matter how many employees plan to use the system, will use a single logon. You will share this logon with all those authorized to send email from your departmental account.

Although using a single logon, you may have the option to choose from a list of email addresses from which you want to send when you create an email. Availability of this option depends upon your department's policies and procedures.