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Using CampusConnect (VDI) on a Windows PC

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Starting the session | Navigating| Saving files| Printing| Ending the Session

Starting the CampusConnect (VDI) Session

To start a session on a Windows PC, follow these steps:

1. Click VMware Horizon Client icon in either the Windows Start Menu or on the Windows Desktop.


2. Double-click on the icon.


3. In the window that opens, you will see the CampusConnect (VDI) session icons that you have been assigned.Click on the icon for the session you want to start.


Software in the General group is available in all groups. The other CampusConnect (VDI) groups contain more specialized software. The groups available to you are determined by the classes you are taking.For a listing of the software available in each group,click the options below.

General Animation | CSDA | Education and Chemistry

3. Enter your Connections username and password in the login box and click Login.


After clicking Login, you will briefly see this screen:


4. After several loading messages, you'll see preparing windows. Shortly after this appears, the CampusConnect (VDI) desktop will load.


You may see this pop up message as the session loads. Click Allow.vdi_popup


Navigating the CampusConnect (VDI) Session

Familiar Windows Desktop and Navigation  

When the CampusConnect (VDI) session loads, you will see the familiar Windows desktop with various icons. You'll see the Start Menu, the Taskbar, and all the familiar Windows components. You will navigate through the CampusConnect (VDI) Windows session exactly as you would on any Windows PC. You can open applications from icons on the desktop or on the Start Menu. You will have browsers available and will be able to get online just as in Windows.

Navigate in the Session

1. Menu Bar: Located at the top of the CampusConnect (VDI) window. You will always know that you are in a CampusConnect (VDI) session if this menu bar is available. 


    • Menu bar options you may use are:
      • Pushpin: On the far left of the menu bar, clicking the pushpin icon lets you hide or show the menu bar. 
      • Connect USB Device: To save files from your CampusConnect (VDI) session to a USB drive, click Automatically Connect When Inserted before inserting your USB drive.usboptions
      • Name of CampusConnect (VDI) Session: The name of the CampusConnect (VDI) session displays on the far-right of the CampusConnect (VDI) menu bar. animation
      • Minimize the CampusConnect (VDI) Session: To return to the local PC desktop, click the minimize button on the far-right of the CampusConnect (VDI) menu bar.minimizebutton
        • To return to the minimized CampusConnect (VDI) session, click its icon on the Taskbar. vditaskbar
      • Important: Even though there is a menu item to disconnect and log off in the CampusConnect (VDI) session menu bar, please do not use this method to end your session. See the section below for the preferred method of ending the session.

 Saving Files in the CampusConnect (VDI) Session

Important: Because the CampusConnect (VDI) session is completely refreshed after you log out, any files saved only to the virtual Windows session will be lost.  To ensure your files are saved, you must:

    • Save to a removable USB drive 
    • Save to cloud storage (i.e. Microsoft OneDrive, Adobe Creative Cloud).

Saving files to a USB drive

You can save to a USB drive from any application in a CampusConnect (VDI) session. Follow the instructions below:

        • First, make sure that the Connect USB Device option has been enabled on the CampusConnect (VDI) toolbar at the top of the screen:                              usboptions
        • Insert the USB drive into a USB port, and wait for it to be recognized. 
          • On a Windows PC, the USB drive will appear in Windows Explorer as a lettered drive.
          • On a Mac, the USB drive will appear as a device.
        • In any application, in the Save As window, you will be able to choose your USB device to save your files. 
        • Remove the USB device when you are finished with your CampusConnect (VDI) session.

Saving to Cloud Storage

  • Microsoft Applications
    • Office 365 Portal If you are using the Office 365 portal versions of the Microsoft applications with your Webster account at, your files are automatically saved to your Webster OneDrive cloud storage as you are working on them.


    • If you are using the virtual desktop Microsoft applications (accessed through the Start Menu in your CampusConnect (VDI) session, you have two options: 
    • Save to a USB drive (File/Save As, and select your USB drive).
    • Save to OneDrive cloud storage - follow these steps:
      1. In the Microsoft application, click Save As. 
      2. Click on the OneDrive - Webster University option.
      3. Open the OneDrive folder you want to save your document in.savetoonedrive
      4. Name your file and click Save. Your document is now saved in OneDrive.

  Non-Microsoft Applications

    • From any application in the CampusConnect (VDI) session, first save to temporary storage in the Documents folder. 
      1. In the application, click File/Save and choose Documents.vdidocsfolder
  1. Next, use your prefered browser to go to and sign into your Microsoft Office 365 account. 
    • In Office 365, click on the OneDrive icon to open.onedrive
    • In OneDrive, click the Upload button on the top toolbar. upload
    • Navigate to the Documents folder where you saved your file.
    • Select the saved file.
    • Click open to upload your file to the OneDrive storage.
    • When you log out of your CampusConnect (VDI) session, the file that you saved in the Documents folder of the virtual desktop will be deleted.

Printing in the CampusConnect (VDI) Session

The CampusConnect (VDI) session gives you access to the local printers in the classroom or computer lab. When you click the print option in any application, you will be able to choose to print to a printer in your area.

print vdi

Ending the CampusConnect (VDI) Session

To end your CampusConnect (VDI) session and completely log out:

  1. Click the Windows Start button.
  2. Click the Power button.vdishutdown
  3. Click either Update and Shut Down or Update and Restart (either is fine).