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How to Use CampusConnect (VDI) on a Mac/Apple Computer

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Starting the CampusConnect session | Navigating the CampusConnect session |
Saving files in CampusConnect  | Printing inCampusConnect | Logging Off

Starting the CampusConnect Session

To start a Microsoft Windows CampusConnect session on a Mac/Apple Computer, follow these steps:

1.) Navigate to Go in the menu bar and find the Applications Folder.

2.) Find the CampusConnect VMWare Horizon Client in the Applications folder and double-click on it.

3.) In the window that opens, you will see the  VMWare Horizon Client Log-In dialog box. Enter your Connections Username (everything before the "@" in your Webster email) in the first line. In the second line, please enter your Connections password. The third line reads "Domain" and that should be pre-populated with "WEBSTERAD". Do not change this. Click on the Login button.

Image of Horizon Client Login Box
4.} In the window that opens, you will see the CampusConnect session icons to which you have been assigned. Double click on the icon for the session you want to start.

Image of available VDI groups

Software in the General group is available to students and faculty in all groups. The other CampusConnect groups contain more specialized software. The groups available to you are determined by the classes you are taking or teaching, if you are a faculty member. For a listing of the software available in each group, click on one of the options below.

General Animation | CSDA | Education and Chemistry

5.) After choosing your CampusConnect group, you will briefly see a screen that indicates the Windows desktop is loading. It can take up to two full minutes for the session to load. 


Once the session has fully loaded, you will find the specialized software you need for your courses by clicking on the Start Menu button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen next to the search bar.

 Navigating the CampusConnect Session

1.) Once the CampusConnect session loads, you will see the familiar Windows 10 desktop with various icons. You will see the Start Menu, the Taskbar, and all the familiar Windows components. As with any Windows 10 desktop, you will see on the left top of the desktop "This PC", your personal folder, browser applications icons. Along the bottom of the screen, you will see the Start Menu (see red circle), the Search button, the Task View button, and any applications that have been pinned there. You are able to open applications from icons on the desktop or from the Start Menu. You will have browsers available and will be able to get online just as with any Windows desktop. You can totally customize the Windows desktop just like you would a native Windows desktop. Just remember that the next time you log in to CampusConnect, the desktop will revert back to its original state.

Specialized Windows software in VDI

2.) The Windows Menu Bar (Located at the top of the CampusConnect window) - To access the menu bar, bring the cursor to the top of the screen and hold down the mouse. The menu bar will appear in a few seconds. Keep the mouse button depressed to navigate the buttons and menus of the menu bar.

Image of Horizon Menu Bar using VDI on a Mac

3.) Menu Bar Buttons you may use are Disconnect, USB, and Send Cntrl-Alt_Delete:

VDI Menu Bar Disconnect icon    Disconnect - this button will disconnect your CampusConnect session
VDI Menu Bar USB icon  USB - this button gives you different options regarding using a USB drive
VDI Menu Bar Cntrl Alt Delect Icon  Send Cntrl-Alt_Delete - this button sends you to another page that gives you options
             such as Lock, Sign out, Change a password, Task Manager, and Cancel.

3.) Menu Bar Menu Options you may use are VMWare Horizon Client, File, Edit, Connection, Window, and Help.

The WMWare Horizon Client menu includes normal application-type options such as About,
     Preferences, Services, Hide, and Quit.
The File menu includes options such as Disconnect from Server, Open Recent, and Close. The Open Recent option allows you to move through the different VDI groups, if you have             logged into them previously.
The Edit menu includes normal Mac Edit menu options such as Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste,
     Select All
, and Delete.
The Connection menu includes options such as Settings (System Preferences), Enable
and USB (see options on USB menu button).
The Window menu includes normal Mac Window options such as Minimize, Zoom, Bring All to
, and the current window VMWare Horizon Client, checked.
The Help menu has normal Mac Help options such as a Search Box, and VMWare Horizon
     Client Help

  Saving files in CampusConnect

Because the CampusConnect session is completely refreshed after you log out, any files saved to the virtual desktop will be lost.

1.) To save files you create during a CampusConnect session on the Mac, you have two options: save to a removable USB drive or to your OneDrive.

2.) The USB button options that appear on the menu bar the first time you log in are - Start remote USB services, Automatically Connect at startup, Automatically connect when inserted, and No suitable devices available.

VDI USB Button Start Menu
3.) If you have a USB drive that you want to use to save your work, select Start remote USB services. The USB menu changes to ask you to choose from Automatically connect at startup, or Automatically connect when inserted. Choose Automatically connect when inserted.

VDI USB Button Start Menu 2
Make your selection and release the menu. Insert your USB drive into the USB port on your computer. Wait while your drive is recognized. 

4.) If you double-click on the This PC icon This is an image of the This PC icon on the Windows Desktop, you will see your USB drive listed as a connected device.Image of connected usb drive.

5.) If you don't have a USB drive, you can also save files to your OneDrive. Use your preferred browser to go to to sign in to your Microsoft Office 365 account.

6.) In Office 365, you can work with the on-line versions of the MS Office applications. It is much easier to save to OneDrive if you work within the on-line applications, since everything is integrated. Once you've logged into Office 365, you will see all of the on-line apps:

Image of Office 365 landing page

From here you can click on the Word icon (or whatever application you wish). When the application opens, you can begin creating a new document, or you can continue with a document you have already started. You note that your document is being saved to your Documents folder in OneDrive while you work on it.

Image of Saving to OneDrive

If you click on Your Name or Documents (see first red circle) you will be taken to the Files area of your OneDrive. Here you can see your other files, as well as the "Test1" document you were just working on (see above in second red circle and below in the bottom red circle). Office 365 does this automatically!

Image of Open OneDrive

You have successfully saved your document to OneDrive while working in CampusConnect (VDI).

* When you log out of your CampusConnect session, anything that you saved in the Documents folder on the virtual desktop will be deleted.

Printing in CampusConnect

1.) Logging in to a CampusConnect session will give you access to the local printers in the computer lab or classroom where you are working.

2.) With your document open, select Print from the File menu, and release.

File Print3.) You will see the Print dialog box and your local printer. Select Print and any other print options you wish.

Print Dialog

Logging Off

When you are finished, be sure log out properly from your CampusConnect session. To do this, go to the Windows icon at the bottom of your CampusConnect window and click on it. You will see a power button appear above the Windows icon (see first image below) - click it and you will have two choices (see second image below): "Shut down" or "Restart". To log out completely from the CampusConnect session, choose "Shut down". Now you have completely logged out of CampusConnect and protected all of your
files and information.

.Image of Windows Shutdown Icon   Image of Windows Shutdown Choices