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Title IX Review

Webster University has retained an independent investigator to conduct a full audit of recent allegations and concerns posted online and in media reports related to a Title IX investigation. Current and former students, faculty members and staff members are encouraged to use this portal to provide information relevant to any violations of the University's Title IX policy. You may request an in-person meeting with the investigator; those who prefer to submit written concerns will also be able to do so here, anonymously should you choose.

Webster University takes its Title IX obligations very seriously, and it is important to remember that federal law mandates that the University maintain confidentiality as it relates to the details of its investigations. We strive to ensure that every investigation is conducted with the utmost care and attention, parties are treated respectfully, and their privacy interests are protected. We understand the importance of investigations being conducted in a timely and efficient manner, in light of the circumstances of each case. And we must guarantee that the process is fundamentally fair for all parties.



Submit relevant information to the independent investigator at title9review@webster.edu.