Meet the Staff


Katie Knetzer
Director of the University Center

Katie supervises all units within the University Center. These responsibilities include the Information Desk, the Fitness Center, the Pool, and Meeting Room Reservations.  She also co-advises the Dining Advisory Board and liaisons with all the departments that utilize and interact with the University Center.



Myrna Homm
Coordinator of Aquatics and Fitness Center

Myrna supervises the pool lifeguards and fitness center attendants. She also serves as a faculty member teaching lifeguarding and other water-related classes.  Myrna's office is located on the lower level of the University Center, right off the pool deck. It's safe to say the Myrna loves being around the water!



Zack Getsee
Coordinator of Athletic Facilities and Head Assistant Baseball Coach

In addition to serving the Head Assistant Baseball Coach, Zack oversees gym scheduling. He coordinates scheduling of athletic team practices and games in addition to non-athletic use of the gym, and he helps to maintain the athletics facilities within the University Center.


UC Senior Student Staff 

The UC Senior Student Staff includes the following:

  • Emmi Murphy, Pool Student Supervisor
  • Sean Anderson, Fitness Center Student Supervisor
  • Angela Pinkerton, Swim Lessons Student Supervisor
  • Stephanie Seidel, Information Center Student Supervisor
  • Niki Harris, Information Coordinator


Rachel Harvey
Membership Coordinator

The Memberships Coordinator is responsible for processing all membership forms that are submitted.  This individual prepares the membership ID cards, parking permits, and all communication with members.


Syed Osama Ahmed
Reservations Coordinator

The Reservations Coordinator assists the Director of the University Center with the management of building reservations and rentals. This includes approving requests, reviewing set-up needs, communicating with patrons and staff, and marketing the availability of rentals.



Student Building Managers
Information Desk

Student Building Managers operate the Information Desk of the University Center, perform set-ups for meetings, and are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the building.




Wilkinson Fitness Center Staff
Fitness Center

Fitness Center employees monitor the usage of the Center and provide general upkeep of the machines. They also monitor the gym and check out gym supplies for recreational use.



Pool Lifeguards

Customer service and daily operations are the lifeguards' major responsibilities, falling right behind the No. 1 priority of patron safety.


Hiring Process and Job Descriptions

The University Center accepts applications year-round in case positions should open up.  There are more active hiring periods that typically occur in April for the following fall semester and in November for the following spring semester.  When the department is actively seeking applicants, the positions will be posted on Gorlok Career Link.  Below are links for the application form and job descriptions:

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