It’s time to expand your horizons, challenge your thinking and prepare for a transformative college experience. At Webster, we’re helping students tap into their unlimited potential.

More Than 100 Years

of inspired learning

Over the past century, Webster University has grown into an international institution, with global citizenship as the core of our mission — we’re focused on fostering academic excellence around the world.

Learn Locally. Think Globally

Founded in 1915 by the Sisters of Loretto, Webster University is nestled within the historic St. Louis suburb of Webster Groves, Missouri. When you become part of our community, you join a network of campuses that span four continents and nine countries.

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Your Classes,


Independent ambition and collaborative spirit are values embraced by our students and mirrored in our diverse academic offerings. By providing students with choices, we help ignite their academic curiosity.


    College of Arts & Sciences

  • Natural Curiosity
    Programs in the Arts & Sciences embrace a belief in free and rigorous intellectual inquiry, and that inquiry comes alive inside our classrooms. Our students learn not what to think, but how to think. You won’t only learn the subject matter pertaining to your major or minor—you’ll learn how to apply it in real-world scenarios, through hands-on education and integrated programs.

    Arts & Sciences Website


    George Herbert Walker
    School of Business & Technology

  • Connecting Leaders
    We emphasize reality-based education inside the classroom and it begins at the creation of curriculum. Together, our three departments — Business, Management, and Mathematics and Computer Science — house 14 undergraduate programs designed to reflect the real world. For each program, the Walker School works with industry leaders to build curricula around the skills and knowledge they look for in future graduates.

    School of Business & Technology Website


    Leigh Gerdine
    College of Fine Arts

  • Express Yourself
    Whether in art, dance, music, theatre or a combination of all four, we nourish our students’ creative talents and abilities. The result? Successful careers, a lifelong love of the arts and a lasting dedication to their craft. Our arts curricula include a solid foundation of history and theory as a means to inspire and challenge you, to provide context and deeper understanding, and to best prepare you for a professional career.

    College of Fine Arts Website


    School of Communications

  • Collaborative Experience
    Reporters and photographers, advertising copywriters and designers, audio engineers and video producers — they all call the School of Communications home. Our wide variety of majors allows students to discover the field that speaks to them, all while working collaboratively with students from other disciplines. Graduate with a professional portfolio and contribute work to our several award-winning, student-run media outlets.

    School of Communications Website


    School of Education

  • World-Class Educators
    Acquiring knowledge is more than memorization; it’s applying what you learn critically to the world around you. Webster prepares educators to address high-need areas and a wide range of students while taking advantage of partnerships with area school districts to develop skills inside classrooms. Like the faculty who teach them, Webster graduates are award-winning educators at the local, state, national and international levels.

    School of Education Website

“If you want a personalized education, close relationships and a chance to connect with our world, Webster is the place for you.”

Chris Whitmore
Political Science

Your Campus,


The Webster experience revolves around an active, tight-knit student body that takes part in film screenings, concerts, theatre, intramural sports and more. With over 60 student groups alone, our community has something for everyone.

campus life

Watch. Play. Participate.

Campus life at Webster combines the atmosphere of a lively, international student community, with the tranquility of open spaces and charming architecture. Students are provided with easy-to-access facilities, around-the-clock public safety and extra curricular amenities like Grant Gymnasium’s pool and fitness center. And when you live in Webster’s residence halls or Webster Village Apartments, you’re just a 5-minute walk away from classes, dining options, campus events, the bookstore, the library and more. Beyond campus, watch Webster’s championship athletics teams compete, participate in Webster’s Humans versus Zombies, volunteer for the university-wide service day Webster Works Worldwide or take in the many cultural sights the city of St. Louis has to offer!

Webster’s Campus Life Website

Your Outlook,


Studying outside the boundaries of your own country offers a life-changing opportunity to broaden your horizons, experience new cultures and grow as a person.

global citizenship

24,000 miles of academic adventure

We want our students to explore the world — that’s why we have brick and mortar campuses on four continents. Want to study abroad for a semester, or even a whole year? How about Switzerland, China or London? Our network of international education gives you the chance to become a truly global citizen. We do everything in our power to make studying abroad affordable, to make sure you have the housing and transportation you need. Beyond your academic growth, you’ll experience incredible personal growth as you face the unique challenges and enjoy the profound rewards of living in a different culture. Get ready to build relationships bonded by the thrill of new experiences, make friends with people you never would have expected to meet, try new foods, attend events and visit institutions unlike any in the United States.

Study Abroad Programs

Your Future,


A Webster University education sets the stage for a lifetime of achievement. Through passionate teaching and personal attention, we give students the expertise to create the world for themselves.


There’s no telling where you’ll go next

Thank you for taking an opportunity to learn more about Webster University. What you will find here is a tight-knit community full of students who are determined, inquisitive and interested learners. Webster offers you a student-centered environment with faculty and staff members who really care about your success.

Indeed, we are committed to transforming our students to individual excellence and global citizenship. As a result, our graduates build careers all over the world.

And there is no better time for you to join them. You will be an important part of our history—sharing the first years of our second century—helping to build your future and the future for generations of students to come.

We know choosing a college is a milestone moment—the beginning of a trajectory with limitless possibility. Finding a good fit is important, so we invite you to visit us and see firsthand how we are helping students like you discover their unlimited potential.

President Elizabeth J. Stroble (L) and Provost Julian Schuster

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